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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I know it's my blood, because it hurts

Yesterday was a busy day here on the neophyte homestead. As soon as I opened my eyes, we were off working.

Now is the time for potatoes, onions, leafy greens and cabbages. I set trellises for our peas as well.

On my husband's birthday, he tilled up a whole lots of land.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Today is much more of the same, only in green.

Update on Murrial, She is now allowing me to scratch her head and down her neck while she is eating her treats. However, if my foot moves at all, she leaves.

There is a new homesteading/prepping site that just started to day. It sounds like it will be a good one. They don't have a lot of content up yet, but they promise it will come quickly.

It's called The Agrarian Times. go check it out.


Joanna said...

Congrats on the launch of the magazine, Mrs Editor! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

SkippyMom said...

That is very exciting today.

Wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patty's day and congrats on the launch - I cannot wait!

ChristyACB said...

Congrats and Happy St. Patty's to you!

Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

Waahoooooo!!! I'm so excited for the launch!! Congrats!

Shall we start tossing questions to the Editor?!

Melissa ~ Mom to 6 said...

Oh and PS thanks for the chicken answer. We were debating it. And, I'm officially tired of hearing "What would Phelan say?" Good lord, I do have SOME experience doing this. LOLOLOL You rock ~ but you already know that!

Lisa said...

Tell your husband Happy Birthday from another St Patty's birthday kid!! I was quite renegade today and refused to wear green to school!

And congrats on the new site. I'm looking forward to watching it develop!

Irma said...

As everyone else has said, congrats on the new zine. My "Favourites" list just got longer again...

Judy T said...

Congrats on the launch of the new e'zine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

FancyHorse said...

Congratulations! It looks great - clean and simple, and easy to navigate.

word verification game
ancen: very old, antique, "Have you been to Rome to see the ancen ruins yet?"

April Bourgois said...

I know it'll be a great read, Ms Phelan... because it's authored by my favorite homesteading author who knows how to not pull her punches.

More power to you!

Phelan said...

Hope I don't disappoint you guys. No worries, content will be added and when I can start selling add space, I will get to be able to really get it going how I want it to be.

Melissa, I think that should be a new feature, WWPD. hahaha! Yes, start writing to the editor, this will let me know about what you guys are looking for. Editorials are welcome as well.

Fancy Horse, you kill me with that word game. This one got me to snort laugh!

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