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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Manic Monday

We were having an issue with the tractor Sunday. Turns out that there was something in the gas tank besides gas, and it was clogging everything up. My husband did some modifications to it, and now is running like a beauty. Tractor pictures here.

The author of Melissa's Ramblings came out yesterday. I showed her around a bit and she handed over two roosters. Yes, that is the admittance to see my homestead. They were some hefty birds. After she left, my husband and I took a look at them. They are some gorgeous specimens. We granted the two a stay of execution. We have hens of the same breeds, these guys should make some good looking babies.

Remember I said yesterday that I was going out to pay some bills? Well, I started the car, put it into reverse and nothing happened. I wasn't moving. The transmission is on a permanent slip. We just had paid to get it rebuilt a little over a year ago! We had to pay bills, we took the bike. It wasn't so bad on the way into the city, unfortunately we live North of the city and had to ride straight into the wind on the way home, the temperature dropping rapidly and we had to cross a river. My eyes were watering, tears freezing mid cheek. Yep, that was the most painful bike ride I have ever been on.

Goat hide update: it has been so cold that it isn't drying like it should. I have just been reapplying salt. I will let you know when more happens. One thing about the cold, as it keeps the skin from rotting (of course if it was warmer it would dry before rotting). I was hoping to do some more things to it yesterday, but only ended up salting it again. Brush off the old, and add the new.

Other than thaat, what to tell ya.


Gail said...

I can honestly say, I have never received a hostess gift as wonderful as two roosters. Now I am coming to visit with a cat under each arm!

Anna M said...

I love it!! I once took two chickens as partial payment for something and since we weren't on this path yet my husband's horrified comment was "are they dead yet?".

We had a tense bit until they showed up properly frozen but it was funny. We spent weeks laughing about the dead yet chickens.

These days I wouldn't care what condition they were in, chicken is getting expensive!!!

Phelan said...

The purpose for her visit was to drop the birds off. She can't have roosters in the city. My hostess gift, which I can't beilive I forgot to mention, was a quart of spiced apples, and a quart of simple syrup pears.

Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Phelan~ I'm glad you decided to put the Roos to work, they are mighty fine looking boys and *ahem* ready to party with some hens. LOL It was awesome to get to meet you guys and see your mini farm. Thanks for my gift too. We are enjoying it!

HermitJim said...

It sounds to me like you girls are having way too much fun!

That sounds like a really cold bike ride! I like riding, but not in the cold and rain. I'm just a whuss I guess!

Have a good day, my friend!

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