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Monday, January 12, 2009

Flakey Twister

Saturday was suppose to have been my now 5 year old's birthday party. We were flaked on.

Small and I made snowflakes and hung them all over the house, decorating for the party. He loved it, and is surprisingly good at it.

Only his grandmother and two older cousins showed up, no one else, not even the aunt that was making his cake.

On top of that, there wasn't any snow, odd for this time of year. Without snow meant that the projects I planned would have to wait. We can do them on a snow day when all three of them stay home from school.

Large (my 11 year old) had two friends come over. They kept small very happy. They ran around like idiots out in the field, then came inside to play some Twister.


Wrong hand Small!

He had a great time, which is all that really matters.

I have been revisiting some old culinary skills of mine this weekend. It is been awhile since I used an electric dutch oven to bake in, or boil water in a microwave. See, we are out of propane. Have been for a few days. Can't afford to get a refill, when we still owe $650 on not even a half tank. I remember when it would cost us under $500 to fill it. We have been heating the house at night with electric heaters. Those are going to cost us. I will pay on some of the propane bill today, but not all of it, I do have other bills to pay as well.

Funny, a year ago my husband was laid off, we were doing so well, the best we had ever done. We had a comfortable income, we had little debt, nothing we couldn't afford. And now. . . well it is interesting to watch our life spiraling. But it is part of life. I could crawl into a corner and die, giving up. But that just wouldn't be me. Income tax return will be filed for soon, this will get us out of debt, as long as the IRS doesn't send us an I.O.U. We should have enough left over to do some things that will bring in more money for us. We figured out what we can do, that we will have mortgage paid for every 3 weeks, without us putting out too much money, only at the beginning, and tax return will be spent for the start-up costs.

Let us hope that we are on the right track.


Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

With your creativity, ingenuity, spunk and tenacity, you will find yourself better than you were a year ago. Sometimes, we have to ride the down elevator before we can go back up. I'm rooting for you! And, seriously, do you want my 2 roos?! They have got to go. Neighbors are now complaining about them to the HOA pres (uh, that's me!) and it's high time they moved right along. 1 is an Easter Egger and the other is a New Jersey red. They were born 9/8/08 so 4 months old now. I can deliver too.

Kella B said...

Happy Birthday Small,
from Australia.

Hope 2009 gets better for you guys.

Phelan said...

yes, I would love to take them. Do you want one back? You don't have to watch or anything. Sunday's and Mondays are best because my husband is here, but you can come out anytime, I am always home. Do you know where International Speedway is on Ridge road? I am north of there, before Sedgwick. 22 minutes by highway, from Downtown. Email me at eirennaigh at juno dot com (my email is in my profile so I am not giving out some big seceret. Beside I have something to show you here, I was hinting at it, let's just say I am closer than Clearwater ;)

Phelan said...

Thank you Kella B, I will tell Small. I can tell you what he will say "I know" He is rather full of himself for a young 'um. :D

Matriarchy said...

I loved the days when running in the yard and screaming made it a good day. Hm... maybe I just haven't given it a good try lately.

I am also starting up some new things that I hope will bring in more income for us. I have my fingers crossed for both of us.

A decade or so ago, I was having a difficult life. I decided that a change of scenery would be good for everyone, and moved with my baby and toddler to a city about an hour from where I was. When you don't have money, any move is like a disaster in motion, so it was "interesting". I recall at one moment shouting at someone, "I don't care if the Hand of God comes down on the highway! I will drive this station wagon over his fingers and get this done!" I can imagine you and you hub riding a bike over whatever you need to overcome, to get where you need to be.

Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Nope, I don't want them back. Kids would freak about that. We have photos and that's good enough for me. And, yes, I'd love to see your "closer than Clearwater" stuff. LOL Got your drift. Emailing you now. :)

MeadowLark said...

Sounds like you've got something going. legal, I hope :) Just kidding.

These are the times that bring out the person we truly are. Good attitude, my friend.

alrescate said...

I know you and Dan will make of anything you set your minds to.

white_lilly said...

I'm glad small had a good time :)
You know tough times produce tough people and with these days you have to be tough. I read somewhere to be profitable you need up to seven sources of income, I suppose its like not having all your eggs in one basket. All the best for 2009

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday, small! I remember when you were born. It was a big deal on another website your mom and I used to visit a lot. You're quite the little man, now, and cute and can be!

love from your virtual auntie avanta

And Phelan, you and your family are in my prayers as always. *hug*

Anonymous said...








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