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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is your Soil Warm?

So that black tarp has been down for a few days, if it wasn't raining I would be out planting today.

Plan out the winter garden, make sure that your taller items are on the north side of your garden.

Punch a small hole into your landscaping tarp and drip your seed into the soil. Water and mulch around everything.

Wait for it to sprout, then mulch closer in, around the newly formed plants. Make sure that your plants are cool weather hardy. Water like you would with your summer garden, keep that bitter north wind off of them, and things should be fine.

Good luck!


E said...

Remember to remove the tarp before it starts breaking down - unless you like 1,000s of little pieces of plastic in your soil.....

Phelan said...

Landscaping tarp shouldn't break down before the following spring when it is time to start your spring garden.

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