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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trying to get you answers

Meadowlark, I thought I would have more peach recipes up then this, but I have Peach Cobbler, Peach Butter, Peach pie, and that Peach Salsa. Good Luck!

Jenn, I am putting together those eggplant recipes for you.

Tracy, a few salsa recipes are on the way.

Sorry guys, with canning season in full swing, and the ezine I work for back online, I have been rather busy.

1 comment:

MeadowLark said...

Kinda sad that the people I know online are kinder, truer, more thoughtful and caring then those I know in real life. :(

That said, I so appreciate this gift! Made "liquored peaches" last night (amaretto) and still have a huge box to work on tonight! Thanks so very much.

And didn't know about the ezine. Thanks for the link.

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