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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Yesterday evening I was working in the house and my middle son starts yelling, mom! He wants you! Then I hear MAAAHHHHM! coming through the open window.

"What?" I yell out. I had sent my oldest out to get the goats out of the pasture and close the gate. I need help! I sighed and rolled my eyes just like he does. How difficult is it to close a gate, I wondered. I walked out there and found this,

he's biting me!

Turns out gander had decided to go on a rampage. My oldest son tried to scare him off by waving his coat at him and the gander grabbed the coat. Next thing my son does was to sit on him until help arrived. I grabbed hold of the coat and told my son to stand and back away at the count of three. one, two, three! I pulled the coat and my son backed away. My oldest had humiliated him, and he walked away complaining. I stood guard as my son closed the back gate, to make sure that gander wouldn't try assaulting him again.

There just seem to be a new adventure here every day.


Given55 said...

A true farm boy.

alrescate said...

Ha! It's about time that gander got a little of his own back!

Marina said...

Sounds like D needs to carry a pitchfork out there when he has gate duty. (well, it worked for me when PimpDaddy went on a tear)

lisa said...

Sounds like gander may now understand the TRUE pecking order. Hopefully he won't be as aggressive in the future.

abbagirl74 said...

He's getting older and stronger. Pretty soon, it may be you calling for him.

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