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Friday, May 09, 2008

As if the neighbors weren't already talking.

Last night my husband and good neighbor were on a mission. Their objective, to move the hives. Earlier that day my husband pulled the stabled down screen that sort of kept the bees inside of the nuc boxes. OK, no sort of about it, it didn't keep them anywhere. We broke out our old school smoker. I got this along with the brooding boxes at that farm auction 2 years ago.

old school smoker

fire going

He went out and smoked them. Pulled the screens, then moved away quickly.


That evening I sent my oldest son to inform the good neighbor that we were moving the boxes. He came over, bring asbestosis suits.
They suited up and got ready to move some ticked off bees.

Picture 070


Good Neighbor

Good neighbor clashing in purple and yellow

might bee hunter

I like this photo of my husband with the smoker.


All I could think of as they handed one of the boxes over the fence was "NO E.T.! DON'T DIE!" It brought tears to my eyes (from laughing so hard).

got it

The good neighbor and my husband first moved the good neighbors bees over to his property

moving bees

The cows were very interested.

Sorry about the below photos. It was dark out and I was trying to stay as far as possible. Those were some angry bees.

almost done

The cows got stung, we watched as they ran and bucked away. Soon I wasn't even able to stand where I was, the bees were now after me!

cows and bees


lisa said...

Wow...what an ordeal! Did any of the humans get stung?

Phelan said...

The good neighbor did, twice. He had his head bent just right and the mesh was against it, allowing one to sting the top of his ear, and another to sting the back of his neck ( I think it was the back of his neck)

amanda said...

this is so interesting...i have wanted to keep bees for years, but have been scared to get started. i am so amazed at this whole process...good for you!

Anonymous said...

"No, ET, don't die!"

LOL!!!! I bawled like a baby when I saw that movie. My boyfriend at the time practically had to carry me out of the theater, I was sobbing so hard.

Good luck with the bees!

Carla said...

Not sure what I would have thought if you hadn't have given the story to go with the pics. I can imagine the neighbours must be talking. Hope the bees settle in well in their new location.

Phelan said...

Amanda, I too was little worried about the whole bee keeping thing, but so far, so good. Hope it stays that way.

Avanta7, My mom did too. I was little when it came out, so don't rememeber my reaction to it. But I did cry as I yelled it out to the guys :D

Carla, they look like they are doing something with biohazard. Silly boys.

abbagirl74 said...

I have never been stung by a bee. I am scared of them.

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