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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What's in a name?

When one thinks about getting parts for a tractor, and one isn't an expert on finding said parts, one would think of the first place that comes in mind. We needed a tube for our new to us tractor. So we headed into Wichita, as the tractor salvage close to us had no such thing. The first place we went to did not carry such large tubes. One would think that a Company with the words, Supply and Tractor in the name would carry such things. But no.

We headed off to Tractor Row. This is a street in Wichita that has every (except for Ford) tractor company and independent companies on it. We walked into the first store on the street, and immediately saw that this was a "Lawn" tractor store. But we asked any way, and were informed that there was a little building just a block off of tractor row that carried only wheels, rims and tires. Of course, we headed off that way. We told the men what we were looking for, and as the young man headed off into the back, my husband and the older man talked about the tractor. He was impressed that it was running in less then a day after sitting for so long. And was surprised that only one of the wheels had damage. He told us to take good care of those front tires, as they were "gems". They don't make them anymore. He said that they were the best ones for turning.

He also said that 85% of these old tractors were still in use.

I didn't think I mentioned that when we pulled the tire and tube off the tractor that the tube was filled with anti-freeze, not air. This was done to add weight to the tractor, and so it wouldn't freeze in the winter. We have wheel weights, something that was picked up for no apparent reason at the time, so there should be a need for us to do the same.


Donna said...

So, did you get the tires? And for any Ford Tractor parts, try

Cliff said what will be your constant biggest problem is rust in the gas tank... rust will clog the line and it will die.

Make sure there's no water in the rear end oil, it would freeze in winter, because the pump is down in the bottom.

Google "yesterday's tractors" and you will find people who will help you out on their message boards.

Abilene Machine is another place where we've ordered parts for old tractors.

Donna said...

Oh, Cliff said to tell you he's enjoyed several tractors. The second one we bought was a Ford 8-N, and Cliff thought he was in heaven with that thing.

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

We have wheel weights AND antifreeze as well.

Celeste said...

It is my understanding the antifreeze also helps the tires from being so rigid

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