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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It's Dora the Angora!

I received an email on Sunday night, asking if I could meet the Angora dealer in Wichita. I replied with an, as long as you aren't too picky on how they are transported.

Yesterday I went into Wichita, and got my goat.
Picture 998

They came out of her minivan and into my Phoenix. (truck is still sans engine)

Picture 999

one! one goat! ha ha ha!

Picture 1000

Two! two goats! ha ha ha!

They tolerated the move fairly well. One seemed very curious about what was happening in the driver's seat.

Picture 1001

While the other was content to watch the scenery as it passed.

Picture 1002

Seemed like the people of Wichita have never seen goats in the back of a car before. They were pointing, cell phones took pictures, and rubber necking became almost an epidemic. I was cracking up.

It wasn't a very long drive, we got home and soon had the two out of the car and into their new home. Once out they promptly discovered the other goats and the sheep, and that the angora's had the power of terror. Even Donkey the Sheep was petrified of these new creatures. And he is larger then they are. It will be only a matter of time though, and Donkey will not put up with them having all of his food!

We will be shearing everyone sometime this week. Now that shall be an adventure tagged with mistakes.

Picture 1004

If this story seems familiar, it is because it is similar to the last time we got goats.


Anonymous said...

They are so cute! I hope that you're planning on using the wool for knitting.

Robbyn said...

Ah, hahaha I'd have loved to see the other drivers' faces, or the dinner conversations later that night "Mom, that was one hairy kid in that car.." lol

Congrats on your wonderful angoras!

Phelan said...

ANOF Gal, my mom plans on crocheting with it.

Robbyn, "what kind of dog has horns, mommy?"

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Are you really using that name!?!? That is hilarious!

Marina said...

My MIL could almost do you one better--transported a calf in her station wagon. I think S had to pin it down the whole way home. I don't think any of them survived that ride happy.

alrescate said...

Cool! I've asked my friend if she has any tips for you.

Ginnie said...

How does it feel having goat breath on the back of your neck as you drive? I hope they brushed.

P~ said...

I love it, cell phone cameras clicking... I probably would have been on of them. It must've been a sight.
They are VERY cute though. Good luck with the shearing.

lisa said...

Heh, I would LOVE to see goats riding down the highway in a car! Funny how the other animals freaked out at their new barn-mates.

Anonymous said...








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