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Friday, February 29, 2008

Will the fun ever stop?

We spent most of the day standing around looking like idiots.

lazin' about

They did this.

We were already doing what most of you suggested, shaking a pail of treats at them. Edie would be interested, but had to get permission from Letichia (the mama cow) They would come up, but leading them off wasn't happening.

I had to go to my mother's last night. And while I was gone, the boys were riding around on their ATV. It didn't spook the cows, they just decided that they were too close and wondered back to the correct side of the barn. So much simpler then standing there shaking things at them.


abbagirl74 said...

Holy crap, they look huge. So, I hope you have a good time tomorrow. I totally wish I could be there. Let me know how it all goes. Have a great weekend!

alrescate said...

Well I guess an ATV is a good alternative to a cattle dog. *grin*

Stephanie said...

Go figure! :)
They are beauties!

dana said...

they did this

cool customers, honey

Ginnie said...

So funny!

The Fool said...

An ATV may be an alternative - but nothing beats a Heeler. Get one. Trade a child if you need to.


I can tell that these new residents are sure to prove a-moo-zing. Keep us posted.

Hayden said...

hi - wandered by, like your site. You might be interested in a friends' blog - she's a few years ahead of you in the learning curve, but in the last year did a few great posts on moving cattle as she learned...

I was caught by the pic of the Dexters. I'm currently urban but will be transplanting myself to a farm next year, and eventually would love to have a couple. I'll be back to see how you're doing..... best luck!

Maggie said...

Yikes those are some beast. If I remember correctly my Grand pa used to call the cows. I kid you not .....something like, "hey Bessie hey bessie", maybe this was just for show but I remember distinctively seeing the cows come in for dinner or an evening in the barn. Maybe that will come after they are more comfortable in their new home:)

Phelan said...

abba, they are really not that big. They stand at shoulder height, up to my husbands bottom ribs. I will get a photo of one of us standing next to them.

Alrescate, seems to be :D But our dog ya-ya has been proving herself.

Stephanie, at least now we know :D

dana, ha! yes they are.

Ginny, looking back on it, funny. Doing it, not so much.

The Fool, I didn't know I could do that :)

Hayden, hello and welcome. I will go look at your friends blog tonight. Thank you. I have had my eye on Dexters for awhile now. They are great! Good luck to you.

Maggie, cows have the same intellegence level as dogs. Something that isn't said much because people might stop eating them. So it is possible that your grabdpa was calling them. Check back tomorrow, I've got proof :D

Just trying to be green said...

Ah, Dexters! My family kept them for around 7 years (until I went to college and no one was around to care for them). I love these cows.

They are very smart, and very good at getting out of their pens! They will also learn to come to you (at a full run!) for grain, and I had one that was halter-trained.

Ours were so hardy, friendly, and gave such good milk. Good luck with yours!

Maggie said...

Oh Phelan I need to update the call. I just talked to Grand Pop and he called them Bossy not Bessie, (don't really have a true grasp on why) Anyhow they would come. Once they know their is a purpose to their motion like feeding or something. Good luck.

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