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Friday, February 08, 2008

Welcome Crunchy Chicken Fans!

Sorry to disappoint, but other then my roosters, there are no nympho's here.

But what you will find, is a way of life that my family of 5 has decided to tackle. Homesteading. In this blog you will find many DIY projects, repurposing, lots and lots of gardening, both indoors and out, many recipes from homemade breads to how to can your own food. Plus many, many mistakes and what not to do's (because you don't want to be like me).

Hopefully some of you will find some helpful information.

My regular readers, Howling Hills victory garden exchange arrived yesterday. I swear, maybe CC's pilot is correct (read this post on Winter Madness). I will post what I am taking out later. If anyone else wishes to be in this exchange, drop me an email, and you will be added to the list.


maggie said...

Hilarious. I would watch.

Howling Hill said...

What seeds were in the package? What did you choose?

N. & J. said...

Maybe we could learn from your mistakes :) Lead on in the adventures.

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