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Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Monday

Week 2

Week 2

I was cursing under my breath about how much the cats urinate, and how much of it was getting under the litter box, when my husband turned on the water in the kitchen sink and a puddle reformed where I had just dried it up. The drain pipe had a small slit in it. We managed to seal it up, but not before damage to the floor had already occurred.

It seems like this past week we have been busy trying to keep our house from falling in around us. Our heater vent seem to be venting under the house, so the furnace has been turned way down, and we have some space heaters going. We live in sweaters now. But at least the pipes won't freeze.

Today we lay flooring down in my 2 youngest boys room. Anyone want to help?


abbagirl74 said...

Putting flooring down sounds like more fun than listening to this conference call I am on right now.

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

Ay! That stinks! Just remember that these thing generally happen in 3' be on the look out!
What kind of flooring?

Gina said...

Oh, I wish I was closer to help! We have been doing the same here. We had a pipe come unconnected due to the faulty pipe job the previous owner put in and it flooded our laundry room.

I hope things get better soon!

Robbyn said...

Yes, I do want to help! A bit of a long commute from Florida just now :) You guys hang in there...we're pulling for you!

Monica said...

I'd be glad to help. Only if you come over and fix my leaking tub, chop down the cherry tree in my front yard that my drunk neighbor tried to mow down with his car over the summer, rescreen the back porch and well, it's just a rather long list of things to do. Are you game? ;)

Anita said...

I know about that living in sweaters... These FEMA trailers built for Louisiana and Mississippi don't have insulation enough for a Kansas winter!
I'd love to help, by the way... :)
Hang in there...

Phelan said...

abba, sure.

Blessed Wife, I would say the 3rd was that the oven keeps going out and has to be relit. It is fake tile. My M-I-L gave us a bunch last summer. The boys carpet has to go! You can only extract so much potty training accidents before it stops helping.

Gina, same thing happened with our water heater, flooded the bathroom.

Robbyn, when ever you can make it :D

Monica, of course i am game.

Anita, neither our older mobile homes ~shiver~

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