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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I so Rule!

Seed Update, Day 3

As of 6am this morning, everything but the onions, peppers and a few of the tomatoes have sprouted. Much to our relief. We had feared that the Good Neighbor Peas wouldn't sprout as they have been in a fridge for the past 2 years. Hope you are reading good neighbor, looks like we have some success!

Yesterday I went across the way to another neighbors house. She is raising 3 of her grandchildren, and the youngest is wearing the size clothing that my youngest has just outgrown. I took along my seed catalogs. Her land is much more sandy then mine, and her pumpkins do very well. We sat and talked about gardening and her wanting to become more self sufficient. With the price of living on the rise and her and her husband raising children once again, she felt it was time to learn.

She asked that I help her and show her some things she can do. We discussed crop sharing, and canning, chickens and other livestock. She recently had her 2 pet ducks stolen, and is determined to try again.

She also purposed that we get some of the other woman in the area together and have me teach them how to cook things from scratch. Apparently she has already discussed this with some others and they would be interested in this. I guess I will be a teacher and lecturer of the neighborhood. Which isn't all that bad If something should happen, we should be able to rely on one another. We shall see, it is already starting off to be an interesting year. Can you imagine an entire neighborhood of Me's? ha!

My husband wants to take our oldest to Hunter Safety classes. I am all for it. Personally I think that all kids so take the course, even if they never plan to hunt. I have asked for a compound bow as a gift, at some point in the year. How far I have come over the years. I use to be so anti-meat, hunting and fishing were cruelty, and I wouldn't even work with leather or wear leather. Now look at me. I find it to be a fascinating evolution, something I wasn't truly aware was even happening.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That is really neat. You do rule. I recommend the Old Settlement cookbook, We have it and it has taught me a lot about cooking. It is an old book. Lard is in there a lot. But it tells you everything from dressing out beef, pigs and everything else under the sun to how to set the table for guests and what not. it is really good. Stephanie found a copy on eBay or Amazon somewhere. We had an old one with out a cover, then ordered a new one. I am all for the hunting classes even though you might not hunt a day in your life.

Given55 said...

you always rule

Stephanie said...

I was thinking about taking the safety class with Kellen.

Interesting development with your neighbor! How cool!

Gina said...

Oh, it would be great to have neighbor connections like that...mine are not friendly and think we are white trash. I deny nothing ;-)

We have the last bit in common. I was a vegetarian for 13 years and even march at the first animal rights rally in Wash DC. Now look at my lifestyle. Interesting evolution as you so aptly put it. I also agree with the hunter safety course-I plan to enroll Shawnee when he comes of age.

april said...

Phelan, that's awesome. I hope it goes well and you gain some fabulous friends while sharing your knowledge.

I'm starting to dream of our new garden. I'm really excited to see what the fruit trees will do this year. Fingers crossed for no freezes this year.

Robbyn said...

Wow, you're bringing the community together! I can't wait to see the blogs that come about as those shared projects come's like taking back a lot of ground we've lost these days. I hope you share a lot of your advice here, too, because I really learn a lot from you. Thanks, Phelan...

yeah, you do rule :)

Phelan said...

Tim, thank you for the heads up about the book, I will see if I can hunt it down, thought I don't like useing lard, it is a good thing to know about just in case.

given55, only you would think that.

Stephanie, do take the class. Even if Kellen doesn't dig the whole gun thing, he will at least know what to do and how to behaive around them.

Gina, I am so white trash. I thought my neighbors were grouchy too, but when I started to talk to them, well things began to change, the world is looking nastier and nastier, and homesteading is starting to appeal to these people.

April, god luck on those fruit trees. Oh and when is a good time to do lunch? Spring is coming and we will be out riding ;)

Robbyn, just a tad I guess. We shall see what happens. Of course I will share, tell me what you want to know and I will see what I can do. You rule too :D

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I'm with you on the hunting classes- and the compound bow! ( All children should learn gun safety- after all they have sex ed in inner cities- why not gun/hunting safety? LOL)
I'm not a hunter, but I'm not a fan of guns since they get abused by so many.. Not against them, just make me nervous.
I get more interested when people talk about hunting with bows for the family meat. It takes more skill so is more impressive- kinda like a guy taking a bear down with just a knife.
And ya' know- we know- you so rock Phelan! LOL

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