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Friday, January 04, 2008

Busy Busy Bee

The one thing that I like about winter is that I am not so busy. The bad thing about winter is that I am not so busy.

I thought that today and throughout the weekend we could play another round of Q&A.

This has been a hit and miss around here, so if you don't have any questions, that's fine. But if you do have a question please leave it, or email me.

Need me to expand or clarify something on a post? Have a handful of chestnuts you don't know what to do with, or just want to know a little more about the author, feel free to ask away.


Anonymous said...

Daughter always pressures me for a garden. If I had to plant one crop, what is the hardiest or my zone (NJ), that rabbits and potential neglect won't kill?

Phelan said...

Hey GR! It depends on what part of NJ you are in. This NJ grass site has a great map so you can decide where you are. (you'll need to scroll down) I would suggest (being so far north) cooler weather items such as lettuce, gabbages, brussel sprouts, radishes. And in ground food stuff, potatoes, carrots, beets. And as for rabbits and neglict, a cold frame will help out. Good luck.

Robbyn said...

Hi Phelan :)
Oh I have loads of questions. One of them is if you knew THEN what you know NOW, and you were like my husband and myself, poised at the point where we ALMOST have some land, what would you be doing to prepare for starting out. We're trying to make some gradual lifestyle changes towards what we hope will be permanent. I'm wondering what you'd be focusing on as far as how to set up your first "homestead"...what things you wouldnt do at the outset...what things have proven invaluable...what you'd not waste time and money on in your initial excitement.
We don't anticipate being a large producer of anything or having a substantial income from our property when we get it...but we do want to substitute our present outgoing expenses with things that are self-sufficient and sustainable and can be done ourselves. And we're willing to work hard (we do anyway in other ways right now). Anything advice-wise, anything from what kind of structure you'd build to live in, if you'd begin with focus on the garden and then add animals, etc...what basic tools (I know you did a series) would you begin with...etc
We certainly have ideas on all these things, but they are just that...and arent proven. We'd like to know what mistakes you'd NEVER want to repeat and what things you would ALWAYS be glad you've done.

:) Thanks! As if you can fit all that into one post?? hee hee

Stephanie said...

What are some of your favorite catalog seed companies that you've used? What about hatcheries?

Phelan said...

Stephanie, recently I post about seed catalogs. The ones I like the best can be found here;The Catalogs are coming! The Catalogs are coming!

As for Hatcheries, I buy locally, for heavies, turkeys and ducks, but love McMurray Hatchery for all my rare bird needs.

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