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Friday, November 16, 2007

COME ON! Get some glasses! HE WAS SAFE!

You have seen how some people, folks that a really into it, act when watching a sports game. They hoot and holler, cheer and boo, ask if someone was blind, dumb, or even have a clue. But have you seen a person behave that way while watching C-Span2? No? Then you should have been here yesterday.

Thursday afternoon the Farm Bill was suppose to have been voted on. When the first Senator was given the floor, he asked the majority leader if they could go ahead a pass it, then laughed. One would think he was joking because of all the stalling that is going on, in fact the joke was referring to the fact that there was only 2, yes 2 Senators in assembly, that is besides the majority leader. Why!?! The day before the Senate is to go on their two week Thanksgiving break, they take a day off early. Where is our representation!?! Why are you not more outraged that the people you voted in are not showing up to discuss a bill that will have a huge impact on your way of life?

We are a nation with little representation, and we pay these people huge amounts of money to go on vacation. I am livid by just that fact. Who else gets 2 weeks for thanksgiving? Middle class and lower get 1 maybe 2 days off for Thanksgiving. And if you don't show up for work the day before, you don't get paid for that second day off. So why then do our employees, and yes that is what they are, get to take off early and stay away late. I say we dock their pay.

But I digress, the first Senator from North Dakota got me going. I screamed and booed, cheered and told him to shut up many times. How many times must I hear about overseas oil dependency? How many times must this guy tell me that the farm bill is "green" man oh Man it has infected our Senate now as well. Can we please concentrate on the farms? oh no, do you realize that the Farm bill has little to do with Farms? Commodities, the things that most of the media is harping on, is only about 14% of the total budget, while Nutrition programs, like school lunches, food stamps and WIC, which takes up about 50% of the budget. No I do not think there is anything wrong with those programs, and I think it is great that they are attempting to make WIC accepted at the local farm markets. I think it is wonderful, but I am not going to get distracted by the feel good programs, there are too many things wrong with the bill {like the NAIS}. The Senator form N. Dakota reiterated the need to keep up with other countries, and the Global Market. {My opinion on globalization is this. Stop! Stop for a moment and worry about us and the family farms first. Ditch the USDA's definition of the family farm, and stop global trading until we have are stuff together}

Next to have the floor was the Senator from Florida talks about the need to help Florida farmers and the specialty crops. His proposed amendment is Lugar/Lautenberg Amendment . It sounds good as he talked about it, but what others have said, I am not so sure that it is. Confusion fogs my mind, and I lapse into the traditional C-span2 coma. Farm Insurance, in general or the company? If he is pushing the insurance company, why that opens a whole nother can of worm. { uhhum. . . NAIS backers}

Now the Senate takes yet another roll call, and I get a 30 minute break waiting for the next Senator to arrive. Let's think back to what we have learned so far. Senators don't care enough about Farmers or eaters in general as they wouldn't even show up to discuss the something like 246 different amendments. They are at a standstill, no one can make a move until both parties can agree on how many amendments both side will get. This will force a vote and it will move on to the House without any amendments. Not good. Then we have to question why we even have Senators.

Finally the Senator from Arkansas shows up. She wants to discuss the definition of the family farm. Good on her. But she rambles and repeats the same points over and over. She's ticked with the USDA {good on her} but...C-Span2 coma sets in again. We go back to talking about global markets and being green.

Why don't we stop here and take a roll call? You all here? Good, see I can get more people to show up then the Senate can. But let's take another 30 minute break to allow another speaker to come on in.

Two Senators show up, Iowa and New Hampshire. ~sigh~ I want the C-Span2 coma to set in at this point. All they feel like discussing is the fact that the majority leader has flag their pet programs...and globalization and being green. Instead of the coma I start yelling. I am more than livid at this point. GET ON WITH IT! The Dems have offered to only take 5 amendments and allow the rebs to have the rest. GET ALONG AND COMPROMISE! What are we paying you for? Tell me! I want you to account for yourselves. Take some responsibility for your actions. They are overpaid children. I send my 6 years old to the corner for this behavior. You Senator from New Hampshire, TIME OUT! We do not name call or lie about who did it. You brought this on, you decided to word something so that the amendment sounds like it has nothing to do with the Farm Bill.

That's it. The Senate is now on Notice, you pull anything like this again, and you are all grounded!

Edited to add: The Senate is not on Vacation today. Guess who gets to stand in the corner for lieing.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

yeah, welcome to politics. You're right, they are all over paid children that get more days off off than I can ever imagine. I could rant a bit more here, but man, it just seems pointless doesn't it?

Phelan said...

Placing this email in comments as this post has already gone to feed, and it can get bothersome when the feed is reissued.

To Phelan,
Watch for this little gem in your mail box - and think long and hard before you hand over all this information to NASS. It goes right to the USDA! Don't believe it when they tell you your information is secure - I've had personal proof that it isn't. Don't believe that your information will be used only for statistical purposes. It will be used against you in the government's efforts to push NAIS on us.
The Washington Field Office of the USDA's National
Agricultural Statistics Service has issued a news release regarding the
upcoming 2007 Census of Agriculture. Below is a copy of their Nov. 13
news release.

News Release
Nov. 13, 2007
Contact: Chris Messer (360) 902-1940 USDA National Agricultural
Statistics Service Olympia


Olympia, WA - As Washington farm families gather this Thanksgiving to
count their many blessings and give thanks, the National Agricultural
Statistics Service (NASS) Washington Field Office encourages these
producers to ensure their farm or ranch is also counted in the 2007
Census of Agriculture. The Census is a crucial tool that provides
farmers with a voice in the future of their community and operation.
"Thanksgiving reminds us of the vital role of agricultural
producers and the job they do to ensure the quality and bounty of our
Nation's food supply," said Chris Messer, director of the NASS
Washington Field Office. "But for farmers to sustain this critical
function, we need to provide them with the programs, services, and
they need. To do this, we urge all agricultural producers to speak out
and let their voices be heard by participating in the 2007 Census of
Conducted every five years by the USDA, the Census is a complete
count of the nation's farms and ranches and the people who operate
The Census looks at land use and ownership, operator characteristics,
production practices, income and expenditures and other topics. It
provides the only source of uniform, comprehensive agricultural data
every county in the nation.
"Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remind consumers how
important farmers and ranchers are and how much the nation appreciates
their hard work," said Messer. "It's also a good time to remind ag
producers that they have a voice and a responsibility to use that voice
to make a better future. Tools like the Census enable farmers to help
shape the future of agriculture and their own local communities."
NASS will mail out Census forms on December 28, 2007 to collect
data for the 2007 calendar year. Completed forms are due by February 4,
2008. Producers can return their forms by mail or, for the first time,
they have the convenient option of filling out the Census online. For
more information about the Census, visit or call
toll-free (888) 4AG-STAT or (888) 424-7828.

Karen said...

Sadly, what I know about NAIS I know from your blog. This indicats that the average person knows zippo about it. I just used chunks of your column when I called my reps to yell at them. :D

Now, Being Green and Globalization. Why don't these chuckle heads understand that if they want to be green, we'd quit importing rice from elsewhere and support local rice farmers with that money? Growing our food localy, and thus supporting local farms, would provide food that is more nutritious for our families AND reduce green house gases because we wouldn't have to burn the fuel to get the food from here to there. Being green means eating food grown within a few hours drive of your house. Because as much as a gas hog as my truck is, it's super-econo compared to that tanker that just spilled a ton of fuel in the bay. and I told my rep that too!

Phelan said...

Karen, WOOHOO! I am glad you are ranting. :D Oh you might be interested in some info thatNPOA has up on NAIS

And you are right, most people have no clue about this program. Even I didn't hear about it for a couple of years.

Gina said...

In my opinion, the debates are all just a big, ol' marketing gimmick. Y'know, say the trendy words ("green" & "globalization") and the dumb public will think we're on their side and they will vote, vote, vote...or better yet just shut up!

Sadly, Tim's comment about the pointlessness seems so apt.

That said, I am off to write more letters so I can get some more chain responses for my collection.

Keep up the great work on keeping us informed. I'll keep sending you the bits I get through the job.

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