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Monday, October 29, 2007

Repurposing revisited

Once upon a time I discussed being ingeniously white trash. Stephanie made sure to correct me, it is called repurposing.

This weekend our homestead added to our already eclectic yard with a few of the following items.

Kansas is windy. Make no mistake about that fact. My father had brought a tent with him when he moved here from Florida. It was suppose to be a very fancy tent. Unfortunately the makers of said tent forgot one important detail, tie downs. We put the tent up and it promptly blew away. What to do with a broken tent? We repuropsed the poles.

repurposing tent poles
By bending them to our needs we created a trellis for my rose bush. We will see how it looks in the spring.
Rose trellis

Unwanted and rotting wood sat, sinking in the mud. Simple solution instead of burning, creating a containment area inside of the chicken/goat/sheep area to hold compost so that the chickens can eat and ummm. . . leave their refuse in the area. No nails were hurt in the making of it.

repurpose rotting wood

We also built a dog run out of repurposed cattle fencing. I neglected to photograph it. But it is good, trust me.

And finally, what to do with a rabbit hutch when there are no rabbits.

Use it to house your chicks. No more nasty bath tub here.

repurpose rabbit hutch

Once again, please show me or share with me your recently repurposed projects.


Stephanie said...

Who knew being a hillbilly would become fashionable. Repurposing is just so sophisticated. *wink*

alrescate said...

My grandma calls it "Okie rigged." I doubt that "nice" though.

lisa said...

I think the un-creative types call it "being green" these days, but in my family, we call it not being wasteful! Looks great!

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