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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A post.

I have been wondering around, reading blogs, trying to come up with something to say today. Things have been rather slow around here. With the heat index at 104F, you can only work outside for so long before it is hard to breathe. Then I have all this canning going on. Not sure how thrilled you are about hearing that. Especially since most of what I have to say about it right now, would just be complaining.

We are thinking about heading north to a local U-pick-it this weekend. If I can, I'm going to drag abbagirl74 with me. But because of that late hard frost, not sure if they will have anything for us. And they are not listed on the U-pick-it site. I really don't want to drive all the way up there for nothing.

I harvested 2 pumpkins already. Pumpkin butter shall be made! They are volunteers, none of the ones I planted survived as usually. I have The Pumpkin Patch a few miles down the road. We usually pick pumpkins there. Except for last year when the mold got a hold of the entire crop. Hopefully this year things are fine.

So many small farms are having Act of God problems these last few years. From molds, to droughts to freezes. There wasn't enough seed wheat this year, so the local farms have to bring it in from other states. Many are concerned because it isn't the same wheat that has been cultivated here for years. It might not grow as well as the normal Kansas wheat. But what else can they do? With the frost, the hail, the tornadoes and drought, so much was lost.

It makes me more comfortable with not doing the homesteading thing for money. At least for now.

The Bestest Blog of the Year results are in. I am 22 out of 105! Now that surprised me.


Cheryl said...

I can't believe you've already got pumpkins, that's amazing.
Congrats on ranking #22!

alrescate said...

I was worried about you today when I heard about the heat warnings. Be careful when you're doing that canning please!

Congratulations on being #22. I think you would have done better if people didn't have to wade through so much crap before getting to you. (As I went through I got tougher on my scoring because there seemed to be so many.)

Linda said...

Good for you on the ranking! That's pretty cool. :)

And, would you care to trade blogroll links?

(How may I acquire my diary from you?)


PS I just put up a biker blogroll, if you are interested in joining you would certainly qualify *grin*

Anonymous said...

Congrat on 22!

If you get a chance, please post the pumpkin butter recipe so that I can pass it on to my mom.

Thanks! Vonne

The Fool said...

Pumpkins and frost already? Eegad. The temp is dropping at night up here, but let's not talk frost yet...please.

And congrats on your outstanding standing among blogs. Kudos, Phelan!

Wendy said...

We had a several volunteer pumpkins, too. I have one getting orange. It's early for Maine to have orange pumpkins. Weird, huh?

Congrats on your Best Blog ranking! It's certainly deserved!

lisa said...

Congrats on #22! I say you're #1, regardless! Weather sure seems funky all over the place, and the news says it will get worse...bummer. Oh well, as you pointed out, all we can do is whatever we can!

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