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Friday, August 31, 2007

Pony? Pony. PONY!!


What? I walked out onto the porch in time to see a herd of children running and laughing behind a terrified black and white miniature horse. Don't chase it! I yelled at the herd. My children froze, but the others, well they weren't raised by me. Soon this freaked out pony was being chased by kids on bikes through the road. There was no way I would be able to coral it now. I told my oldest to take his bike and ride over to the owner's to let them know, they weren't home. My closest neighbor decided to round her up and coral her in his pasture until the owners arrived. He was able to scare off the unruly children and bring the pony in.

My middle son has been brushing out the neighbors horses, to earn rides. He will be six next week and has decided that he wants a horse for his birthday. I don't see that happening as we are not yet ready for one. We are attempting to be ready by next spring for the donkey though.

My neighbor also asked if I was the one that was braiding her horses tail Why on earth would I be doing that? She didn't know, but someone has been avoiding the hot fencing and braiding one of her horses tails in the middle of the night. I joked with Marina that I was actually the one doing it, it's the grown up version of my little pony. Of course the joking deteriorated to the point where we had chickens with OCD out in the fields fixing the horses hair.

I have a lot to do this week, and really not looking forward to any of it. I will be without a camera for a few days, but I will tell you why later.

I also won the White Raven Award. Color me thrilled!

Hope you have a great weekend!


ollie1976 said...

Have a great weekend. Glad that the pony is okay.

Simply Amethyst said...

Congratulations on the award... I followed a link from kshippychic's blog to find you... I will definantly be a regular reader from now on!

maggie said...

When I was up visiting my parents who live on about 50 more acres then myself, I was startled one day by a runaway, (or visiting) miniature horse. It just snuck up on me and nudged my arm. I thought my college years had caught up on me at first then realized that it was not a hallucination. Guess they are wanderers at heart. So along with all your other hats your now a horse estitition!! Hillarious, I don't know if I could keep a straight face if someone asked me that. Congrats on the award

alrescate said...

You gave me a chuckle with the chickens braiding the horse's tail.

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