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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Luck me a Lady

Luck doesn't exist {finger crossed as I say that}. Honestly I think luck plays a big role in the homesteading life. Some may call it a miracle, and some day's I am inclined to believe that. It just seems like every other day, I will look at something and contribute luck to its or my survival. Most of it is hard work and persistence, but it could have gone the other way. Ya got lucky Phelan. Sigh, I know.

It can make you feel better to have a fetish or talisman about your being, home, garden, just to encourage luck to visit. As I well know, all that hard work and persistence can lead to the death of something. I have a few little things, like a horseshoe over my entryway door, a dream catcher over my bed and a bell on the undercarriage of our bike.

If you are a strong believer in luck, and wish to bring more into your life, there are several things you can do {just don't give up all that persistence}.

If your cow has come up dry, try walking her under an arch made from the wood of an ash tree.

Honor Saint Armand in your vineyard to grow the best grapes and brew the best wines and beers.

Mix your seeds with the ashes of consecrated palms burned on Easter to insure a healthy crop.

Honor Saint Bartholomew in your leather working shops, to bring luck to your work.

The bloodstone is very lucky for farmers and cattle breeders.

Wearing jewelry with a bulls head in it will bring you a large family and productive fields.

Toss a coin into your well if it has gone dry to have it flow once again.

A Kachina doll made to feel as it is part of the family, will bring luck in the form of a good harvest and protection from natural disasters.

Invoking Saint Medard is helpful to hold off bad weather.

Quartz is important to use when you are wanting rainfall.

For all you seamstresses and tailors, dropping your needle is good luck, but not your scissors. Do not start a new garment on Friday, and never work on a Sunday.

Depending on the symbol, tattoos will ward off evil and bring good fortune.

Saint Zita is someone to have on your side if you are a housewife, a maid, or have lost your keys.

There are many more good luck charms out there. The one above I felt where the best ones for homesteaders. Most other charms tend to bring love, ward of evil eye, or evil in general, power and wisdom. The rabbit foot, not mentioned above is a more recent charm. It is said that farmers saw the rabbits that ate and tore up there fields digging with their hind legs. Throwing their legs into a pot of soup and eating it was said to bring luck. Not to mention one less rabbit destroying your crops.

Now let's not all run off and acquire the luck items in mass, we really don't want everyone to know what we are up to.

What do you do for luck?


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

I thought I read on one of those cheesy posters "The harder I work, the luckier I get." I agree with that, btw.

Laurie said...

Not so lucky for the rabbit, eh?

I have all sorts of odd object collections that I have in various spots that I feel collect positive energy. They seem to come together on their own. Or maybe it's my excuse for being a packrat. I wear a certain pair of river pebble earrings when I need extra help with tranquility, and another pair of earrings when I need extra energy.

The Fool said...

Thanks for the listing, Phelan. I wear a mala of bone, turquoise, and sodalite to keep me safe. There are a few items from your list about the place, but I never considered them as wards. Perhaps that is what they really are though.

Happy Thursday!

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I was always told it was lucky if a ladybug landed on you and "hung around" without flying off soon after. Not sure what luck it brought, but when i went for my first tatto, i got a ladybug on the derrier- that way it "hangs around" and never flies off taking luck with it. :~)LOL. seriously... I did.


Hi from another Kansas girl!

I am recommending you as part of BlogDay 2007! I think you have a wonderful blog here, and I hope to come back often!

Simply Amethyst said...

Hmm.. Wish I would have known the Kachina doll thing before May

Phelan said...

As do I Tim.

Laurie, nope, that rabbit ain't so lucky. Your earings are similar to a skelaton key I wear.

Hi The Fool! Sometimes you never know what is really lucky. ;)

Tammi, I think a tat of a lady bug is lucky. I have footprints of my children.

KShippychic, thank you. And welcome!

S A, I see that you are from Greensburg. I don't know how lucky that doll might have been. But you might look into one just to be on the safe side. :D We {my husband and I} were thinking abut riding up when the well was reopened but didn't make it. We might still before riding season ends. Use to go there every summer as a child. Thanks for stoping by.

Simply Amethyst said...

Well, come out and I'll give you the grand tour... Such as it is... lol

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