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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't tell me you have forgotten already

If you are making the Rustic Country Bread, now is the time to break out the ingredients for the sponge portion. This takes at least 5 hours to do.

And yes, there is another contest involved in this one. I think I mentioned that this bread goes well with Jam. But I am not telling you the prize for this one, not yet. And no, it will not be a funnel cake maker this year. Silly people!

This one will be easy, make me something for breakfast or a bread for the day. Bread for the day will get your name in the hat twice, breakfast once, my bread three times.

And also there is still time to sponsor me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I made whole wheat buns before I went to see some really lame wake boarding. I tried to get a camera USB cable,but the store was sold out. *sigh* Oh well. Maybe if you do some of the mini games I'll get in on one of those.

I'll go read the posts I missed now! :D

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