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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not about the Homestead

But this will affect my blogging. Or I should say, it has been affecting my posts. My wonderful friends seem to be spreading the word, so I thought you should hear it from me before the rumor gets to you, from others.

Yes, it's true. I am involved in a ebook challenge. Paperbackwriter issued a challenge about a month ago. Her readers are to write an ebook and have it available for free download on their websites on or before October 31st. Now you know the truth. Ali from Farley Heath has created a wonderful book cover, and I can't wait to show it to every one. I'm more excited about the cover than the contents. but hey, I am one for self punishment, other wise why would I old school homestead as much as I do? ha! If you are interested in the genre, it will be horror as I am a nut for the cheesy B flick style horror.

While I am at it, let's do one more confession. As of November 1st I will be participating in NANOWRIMO, again. I am a glutton for punishment. Those of you that don’t know what National, Novel Writing Month is about. . . I have to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Why? Because I feel the need to push myself. I did this last year, unfortunately my computer caught a virus and crashed half way through. And I was unable to get to the word count.

Now you know it all. So if you check in over the next month and a half and the only post is a DUH. . . you'll know that I have finally cracked and have no more words to use.

oh, and I made 3 apple pies last night, 12 more pounds down.


Cheryl said...

I can't wait to read your ebook, I love horror stories too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope all goes well, with such a passion as you have it should be easy! I pray you are blessed in this new challenge!


Phelan said...

Cheryl, how cool! We have something besides homesteading in common. ~grin~

Ellie, thank you so much.

Bug said...

Holy crapola girl! Kick some ass and take some names :o) Can't wait to read the finished product! :o)

yank said...

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