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Friday, October 13, 2006

I have been babbling for 200 posts

As the title states, this is my 200 post. I didn't celebrate my 100 post, didn't think it was that big of a deal. Not even sure about celebrating this one.

so to recap my firsts, I have butchered a rooster, made homemade noodles. Butchered ducks, cooked roast duck. I used a pressure cooker, made jams. planned an underground home, bought goats. dealt with a female deprived turkey, lost chicks in a storm. tried to hatch out eggs, brood chicks, successfully grew sweet potatoes. Lost my favorite hen and discovered the egg development process. Found an apple and peach hook up, and discovered new ways to preserve apples.

My future firsts, building our underground home. Making a wattle fence, getting sheep and llamas, getting a dairy cow. Making goat cheese. Using lye to make soap. Sheep shearing, butchering. Digging a well, building a wind mill. Successfully hatching out eggs. Butchering a turkey. Stringing a barbed wire fence. making wire baskets. And many more things that I will soon discover that I need to do.

Being so new to all of this has had its ups and downs. Some wonderful and scary moments. The more old school things that I accomplish, the more new ones I want to try. I am limited because of the small plot of land we do have, and one day we hope to have more acreage. But until that time, we will do what we can on our 5 acres and enjoy every moment of it, no matter how sick of apples I get.

Thanks for reading and commenting over the last few months. I truly appreciate it.


Cheryl said...

So you find 5 acres to be too small?! That's kind of the maximum we could get without having to move so far from our family that we'd never get to see them. What kinds of things do you feel that 5 acres can't support?

Bug said...

*happy dance* Congrats on hittin 200! :o) Here's to many more years of bloggin'! *cheers*

UKBob said...

Can I ask why you are building an underground home, or point me in the direction of a post that covers this topic if there is one. Also does your llama spit?!! You couldn't get near the one we had without getting covered chewed up carrots or whatever.

BurdockBoy said...

Happy 200!
I like your furture firsts. Good luck. We're going to try lye soap this year as well. I,ve been saving my woodstove ashes.

The Unusually Unsual Farmchick said...

Wire baskets are on my lists of firsts too. I cannot find any information on how to make them from chicken wire to resemble the one I collect eggs and garden bounty in. Please do share your how to when you can. I am pumped to get started on this one.
Congrats on your 200th!

Phelan said...

Cheryl, that's one thing about Kansas, you can own 200 acres and still be within an hour of a major city {if you want to be} We would like to be able to have a stocked pond. Besides the sheep, we are wanting to have 2 dairy cows. And then there is a rather large garden. We can do all this on 5 acres, it will be crowded. I just don't want our land to end up looing like a feed lot.

bug, thank you!

UkBob, There are posts here and there about the house. I will make a full all inclusive post about it on Monday. We will be getting the llamas after the house is built next year.

Burdockboy, thank you. Oh goody, then if you get it done before me, I can learn from your mistakes.

Tammie, I make chainmaile jewelry and armor. I thought that it wouldn't be much of a leap to make the baskets. I will let you know my progress, this is another winter project.

Liz said...

Congrats on all the milestones (the 200 post thing dwarfing in comparison to dealing with all those apples. ;))

Here's to future firsts!

Steph said...

Congratulations! and well done for butchering your own beasties, I could never do that.

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