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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Was it your fault that other families don't trade 4H? Blogathon entry #19

So whose idea was the homesteading thing, and how much convincing had to be done?

Are you a 4H family at all? Maybe that might get the boys inspired and your 9 year old would not be so bored in the summer.
Do you have other families in your area that you trade crops with?


I'm not sure whose idea it truly was. It started off as us having a garden and I wanted to can. I asked my mother if I could borrow one of her books, and it was on homesteading. I started trying some things out here and there. We decided we wanted fresh eggs, then meat, and then things just kept going, and seems to continue to go.

We are not a 4H family. To of my boys are too young, and my oldest has no interest in it. We do not trade crops with any one. Though we do have a row for the poor. We are looking for other families to trade seeds with though.

5 more points for taking the time to ask so many questions.

Challenge #2 is still on, click here

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