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Friday, June 02, 2006

The homestead garden

It has taken us 4 years to perfect our garden. {Perfect is an objective word here} It started out as a small suburban type garden just outside the back porch. The previous owners had set it up for us {how thoughtful} We did well with greens beans and peas, and tomatoes, but that was all. I had yet to learn how to freeze and can properly, and most went to waste. The next year we went father from the house, into one of our fields. My husband merrily plowed his way, doubling the size from the previous year. We ran into a concrete dump site and spent the summer removing it rather than tending garden. The next year we did well with peanuts and tomatoes. Our potatoes were washed out, corn was killed by a late frost, and the sunflowers ran rampant. So far this year we have been doing better. The garden is 4,000 square feet {larger than our house} and everything is coming up.

I have learned to can and freeze. I have learned how to save seeds. Monday I will share just how well I learned these things.

this years first radish batch


Anonymous said...

Oooooh, those radishes are gorgeous! I love radishes. Well done, eireannigh!

annulla said...

Beautiful radishes. What do you do with them besides slice 'em into salad?

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