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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Baking your bird

Yes, oh yes, I did make a mistake. I will refer you back to the gullet incident. Cutting open the breast was not a good idea. The bird was slightly dry. Now I will remember how do it properly.

1 whole rooster {or hen}
as many potatoes as needed
as many carrots as needed
1 onion
as much butter as needed
olive oil to coat
as much parmesan as needed
a 350F oven
about 2 hours of cooking depending on the size of the bird

What a recipe. The problem I suffer from is my father's cooking skills. I adore my dad, but he didn't really show me how to measure things in a measuring spoon or cup. It's all in the cup of the palm or flick of the wrist. I only follow new recipes the first time, after that I tweak them to fit my taste. I cooked my first large dinner at eight years old. Remember it clearly {I burnt the cream corn, but not the fried chicken}

If country cooking is something that you are interested in learning, please let me now. If there is a type of food you want to try and haven't yet, tell me about it. I will try it, and post the recipe and results. Maybe this way I can learn how to measure things properly {I wouldn't count on it, I'll change the recipe to fit my needs, and we go back to the flick of a wrist measuring. But I will try}

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That looks really good....too bad lunch is still an hour away for me!

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