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Monday, April 07, 2014

Breaking Ground

We have finally been able to get the ground turned in for the garden. Well half of it any how. The rototiller smoked a belt, so now it all must be done by hand.

We are sore and exhausted. The roots are thick and cumbersome in length. We are going to be too late to get any cool weather veggies in the ground, luckily I have plans for that.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

It would be real nice if someone would turn that over for you with a plow. It would be hard on a tiller tearing that sod up. I have done that by hand but it is the hard way but I don't have to elaborate on that I guess. If you have something that would pull one, an old horse plow might work, people have them setting in their yards for some unknown reason.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if it will help but I really like the Grreenworks electric roto tiller fror breaking ground up for a garden. Under $200.00 at Amazon and can be used with a generator or alternate energy. It won't plow the back 40 but it makes quick work around the yard and small garden beds.

I have dense clay soil almost like cement. If it packs down and the little greenworks tiller just works.

kath said...

Looks like you're making progress. Glad to see it. Onward and upward from here!

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