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Friday, December 27, 2013

Dear Yart, Lisa Pfab and our Secret Santa,

Yart, your package arrived before Christmas. I wanted to thank you for everything. You actually got the mail lady to come down our driveway for the first time. I must say she is a character. Your note and package made our day. I giggled when I saw the bag of rice. The hot pads are beautiful. Thank you!

Lisa, the package you sent arrived the day after Christmas. This time the mail lady didn't even attempt to bring it from the post office! There was a bit of confusion when I showed with the little yellow slip. Because she had yet to return from her rounds. But it was there, waiting for us. The boys immediately opened it once we got to the shop. The candies where a big hit. Never had that Three Musketeers that where hot cocoa and marshmallow flavor. I sighed happily when I saw the container of olive oil. The boys whooped at the bag of rice! Ha! And the coffee (as well as the rest) was a nice treat for us all. Thank you!

Secret Santa, I got your package at the post office the day after Christmas. I will admit I was a bit confused and super curious as I stood at the counter eyeing your package while waiting for them to find Lisa's. And I didn't wait to get to the shop to open it. As soon as I got to the truck, I ripped your package open. And it is gorgeous! I can already picture it hanging off our porch next spring. Husband tried it out as soon as I brought it home, the cows stood at full attention, wondering what the heck it was.  The dinner triangle was a fabulous gift! To whom ever sent it, thank you!  It will make a wonderful addition to our little cabin in the woods.


longtime wife said...

So glad you enjoyed it. You let me know when you run low on olive oil ;) the Italian mama in me wants you to be able to cook for your band of boys! Seriously, I can't do a ton, but I can send small care packages that I hope help you smile. We all need to feel a tiny bit spoiled sometimes. Glad hubby made it back!
My husband and I were supposed to go to Kentucky for a five day ride last summer, but it rained so we ride east. Maybe we will make it this year.
The new year is a new beginning, and here's to a great one for everyone!

Harry Flashman said...

Sounds like things went well over Christmas. I am glad to hear it, your spirits seem much lighter.

Yart said...

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Girl Gone Native said...

What a beautiful example of christmas spirit!

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