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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Before the sun rises, we emerge from bed. Strange how cold it is in August, cardigans are donned, breath can be seen. The generator springs to life with the nimble touch of Husband's hands, and our day begins.

Two young boys grumble about the chill, tightly wrapping themselves in their blankets. Even though they are excited about their first day of school, the early rise and the nippy air keeps them complaining. Yet breakfast is served, something to warm their bellies, and a flurry of activity commences. A change of clothes, shoes yanked on, and morning hygiene cared for. The two minute drive ends at the top of our steep driveway, and we sit in the dark for the yellow bus whose flashing lights penetrate the fog.

Back down in the holler, the fog sinks, dense dew covers everything. Husband starts a fire so that I may heat water.

 As I wait, I crank the wind up radio to enjoy the local college music. Husband moves on to cutting wood to stack away for the winter.

Finally the hour long laundry marathon begins. With a tub, a rock, laundry bar soap and my hands.

Mornings are exhausting and fulfilling. Now lunch awaits my attention.



Katidids said...

Beautiful! As soon as the sun comes up you can watch the dew quickly disappear. For laundry..use a plunger and a couple of buckets. You'd be shocked how clean they get. First bucket for washing second for rinsing...first bucket dirty water is prewash/soak for the next. I bet once you have some of the front mowed or cleared it will help with all the moisture. Glad the boys started school but I bet you miss the extra hands

Phelan said...

Hahaha! Nope. It stays wet here almost all day. It's amazing. Will have to buy a plunger. One thing I forgot. Mowing doesn't help much. I am glad for the quiet, so I don't mind them gone.

Harry Flashman said...

You certainly have skills that will serve you and your family well should things deteriorate. I have a wash tub and a wash board, but I have never used them. I probably ought to break them out and at least see how they work.

Sandy Livesay said...

First day of school, oh fun for the guys :-)

It will be neat to hear the stories of their new school when they return home.

Laundry................I feel for you!!!!

Enjoy your quiet time.

Practical Parsimony said...

The dew is on the ground at 2 pm here, and I live in the city. I cannot imagine how heavy your dew is. This all sounds like camping or life as in years past. How far is the bus ride from your driveway to school?

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