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Saturday, July 27, 2013

What a nice surprise!

There was a knock on my door the other evening. I opened it to find a young boy standing on my steps.

"We came for a visit." He told me. I replied with an "ok, I will be out in a moment." 

Come to visit? I didn't recognize the boy straight off. I looked out the window to see three horses in my yard. It took me a moment to realize that one of those horses was Sam.

We took Sam in several years ago. She was an unwanted horse, not by us but the previous owners. When the drought sucked the life out of the soil, we decided that we couldn't afford to feed her and the cattle. A friend of ours knew a family that was wanting to start an Autism horse therapy ranch. Turns out we knew the family. And we happily donated Sam to their project. Do you remember our goat Zombie? The black and white goat who was raised with our dogs? He is also there at the ranch. Their son and Zombie were fast friends, so I told them to take the goat as well.

They came by to say hi/bye and to tell us how Sam is doing. Turns out she is very popular at the ranch, and has turned into a very gentle and wonderful trail rider. I was thrilled to hear that. Sam seems happy.

The ranch is called Abe's Hearts and Hooves (link will take you to their Facebook page). They do horse therapy for autistic children, women and men of low income families. 

It was nice to see Sam doing so well.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to know you sweet girl and as always my best to your husband and boys. You guys will make a fine addition to the folks in Kentucky.

Harry Flashman said...

My daughter loves horses and we kept horses up here for years. It was a lot of work, and expensive to boot. Now she lives in a city up North but she still goes out to a horse farm in the countryside and rides on weekends.

kath said...

It's awesome how one gesture can change so many lives. You and your husband should be really proud of the example you set for your kids!

Felinae said...

:) I remember when she and the goat were donated.

That was sweet of the boy to come by to say goodbye and let you know how they are getting along. I'm glad they are both doing so well.

Linda said...

That is a very nice story.

Phelan said...

Thank you Rat, I am proud to know you as well.

Harry, I miss riding, so don't blame your daughter in the least. Medium loves horses, so I think we will be getting one once we settle in.

Kath, we are just happy that Sam got a good home and she is enjoying her smug self. :)

Felinae, same here.

Linda, one of the very few I have. :)

Lynda said...

What a sweet, heart-warming story! Thank you.

Sandy Livesay said...

What a beautiful story. I'm happy you were able to see the horse and the young boy who has him. You know this horse and your kindness has made a world of difference for this young man.

How is moving going?

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