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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

I have freely admitted that I am a daddy's girl. Even though my father was older, and wasn't as active in our lives as people now-a-days claim they should be.

My father was in the Navy, he was a police officer, he was a security guard, he was management for an airline, he was a husband, a brother, an uncle, a friend and father. I looked up to him, he said uncouth things that would make me upset, yet he was my dad.

I miss him.

I don't go looking for a surrogate since he died. However, there are many men that read this blog, and I converse with that I would be proud to call dad. I know that today is really hard on some of you. You might not have been the media super dad, but you tried. You did what you thought was right. And I highly respect you for it. I have seen the power of forgiveness first hand, and I hope that with the men you have become today, that your children will see that, and forgive.

And a few of you have some self righteous children. I know too many my age and younger that are far too sensitive, and hyper offended. I feel for you. I wish it wasn't so. This too I have seen first hand, and the destruction that comes with it.

If you would allow me to say, Happy Father's Day to you. 

Thank you for showing me your dad side when I need it, and when I might not want to hear it. 

My father use to call me his Honey Baby Sweet. I am smiling right now. So many of you call me something similar and it always brightens my day when you do. 

And though your Father's Day may not be the brightest, just remember there is a woman in the middle of Kansas that respects and cares for you.

And to the young dads, enjoy! They grow up fast and slip through your fingers. May you have many happy father's days! 

Now I am off to help the boys celebrate with their father, and then Husband and I will go visit his father.


HermitJim said...

Thank you for the heartfelt post!

I would have been proud to have you for a daughter!

Phelan said...

Big hugs to you Jim!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweet girl! I don't comment much but I check on you regular. thanks for the post. the rat

Phelan said...

I am always happy to see my Rat.

overrunz_usa_deals said...

Just be happy and you should have proud on your father because you are really honey baby sweet girl to your father.

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