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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Very Flattered

On the right side of this blog, there is a column that says "link love". It's there to share links that come into this blog easier. Most I know about, Bacon and Eggs, American Preppers, Hermit Jim, Mother Earth News. . . But once in a while a new one will come in. Those are fun, because you can see what nasty, I mean, what people are saying and why they are linking to you. It shows me what you are interested in. Most of you seem to like butchering. Hmmmm. . .

A new one came through the other day, so I thought I would click over and see what is was about. To my surprise, it wasn't Pinterest, it was a band's website. And an even bigger surprised was this blog was listed under their inspirations. I am unbelievably flattered. To be honest the only thing I ever thought capable of inspiring was that clumsy people could homestead without actually dying or losing a finger. Truthfully I just talk.

Yet this was pretty cool. I looked around their site, read up on them and listened to some of their music. I always love finding new music. But this one found me.

They are called Faun Fables, and seem to be Travelers Folk music. I hope they don't mind me snagging their about page photo. I am digging their music, and since they gave me a shout out, I thought I would return the favor. Enjoy.


Pamela said...

I'll have to check them out! I'm always looking for good driving music for when I visit the family.

HermitJim said...

I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the link.

Always cool to find someone new!

LauraH said...

I did some pinterest linking....Sorry Phelan, but the marshmallow creme sans HFCS was just too good to pass up.

And thank you for the heads up to new musics! :D (and WHAT? The lead singer is from Spokane? THATS WHERE I LIVE!)

Phelan said...

Oh I don't mind. :) just lately all my new incoming links seem to be Pinterest.

Doom said...

That's most a-musing! I'll have to give a listen. I could see where your life and work would be inspiring. Actually, I look here, just generally, when thinking about starting something farmy. A garden this year, and partly just from reading about you suffering through new projects. Reading here cuts my fear of failing, something about living through it and correcting as I go along too.

She grows them of sorts.
Bovine, fowl, green, man to boy-
Has the scars to show.

Unknown said...

To be fair, your blog is very helpful for a newbie butcher. When I looked it up, too many blogs either pussyfoot around the subject, or skip the bits that really need to be addressed. That's how I found you anyhow. LOL

Pretty cool to be musical inspiration. :)

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