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Thursday, May 23, 2013

My apologies

My apologies to those of you that comment under anonymous. I have had to block them.

The spam is getting out of control. I have things set so that you could post freely on my most recent posts. Blogger is doing a horrible job filtering lately. I find myself trying to wade through about 100 comments every morning. Trying to find the real ones.

If I filter so that every comment must be approved by me first, well that will take up way too much time, and no comments would ever show up.


Linda said...

I had to do the same thing, telling people if they wanted to say something anonymously, they could email me and I would post it under comments for them. This has occurred only once. A simple "copy and paste" is easier than all the spam. Of course, I do know who they are when they email, but never would tell the name.

HermitJim said...

The spam is getting harder and harder to stop. No easy answer for it!

Just do what you gotta do!

Unknown said...

I'm also finding there is, apparently, a little Bot running around that leaches on with a comment when you go a few days without posting. Thankfully, I have my comments set for posting upon approval. I'm able to slide those puppies right into the little "spam" file. But I have to give them some credit for eating at my conscience until I drop everything and post, again. lol

Donna said...

I had to start moderating comments because of "anonymous" postings. It was getting out of control. I don't blame you. Anything with "anonymous" gets deleted.
Hope your doing OK. I haven't been reading blogs or posting much of late.

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