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Thursday, April 04, 2013


A pretty homestead is different than Pretties. Some day I hope to have all projects finished (it's ok to laugh hysterically) and I have some order and rhyme. My boys will be grown and away. And then my homestead can be pretty.

But beauty, is every where. I prefer simple, Husband says everything is circles and straight lines. Some people prefer the extravagant. Finding beauty in the very complex. It's all good. I see the pleasure of looking at complex designs, sometimes I enjoy them. I am not so into the plastic bag wafting in the wind in an alley. But to each their own.

The beauty in life that I find comes from a sun filled day. One of those days when the Kansas wind needs to rest, and gently caresses you. The fields green and gold, ripping as though it has a secret it's desperate to tell. The sky a cliche of clear blue and large white clouds dotting here and there. Laying on my back, a book tightly grasped, my head slowly moving with the calm breathing of my darling princess of a cow, Urth. I can hear her belly churn as she chews on her cud. She will occasionally moo softly, calling out to the calves romping in the water or mud.

I see it in a new lamb, shivering in the sun. A dam intently watching her calf explore for the first time. Those awkward steps of curiosity and caution. The wrinkling of the nose in confusion, and the uncouth startle as a cat pops out of the grass with a playful swat. I find it in the colors and smells that permeate the air after a severe storms. It's there, in the faces of my children when they discover they have a new skill. And I always find it in the arms of Husband.

My homestead is beautiful.

What is your beauty?


HermitJim said...

It's true in so many cases that beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder. It also can be found in the heart, I believe, but there it is often felt as much as seen.

The important thing is to always remain capable of seeing some beauty!

Baby Sis said...

Beauty of a post, Phelan. You have a wonderful aspect, and I'm sure it has helped you in the last year's trials. Don't lose it - I thoroughly enjoyed today's visit.

As for me - beauty is my grandson's smile and holler of "MeMaw" when he first sees me, but clouds and trees speak to me in a language all our own...

DFW said...

I especially enjoy sunrises & sunsets & tomatoes on the vine.

Coffeekittie said...

Lovely. Good to see you more content. :)

I find beauty these days in healthy babies; tiny hairless eyes-closed pin and black rabbits in a furry nest, ducklings screaming shrill peeps when they hear or see me, chicks who haven't decided to up and die on me yet scratching and ruffling their little semi-feathered wings...

I see beauty in perfect turkey and goose eggs slowly rotating in the incubator.

I see beauty in every moment of sunshine, rare here in the Pacific NW.

I see beauty in the first-ever garden I've ever started. I watch the seedlings like a new mother.


Moonwaves said...

"I am not so into the plastic bag wafting in the wind in an alley." Hooray! I thought I was the only one that that scene didn't resonate with, or at least not in the way it was obviously meant to.

Instances of beauty I've seen in the last couple of days? Baby's smile (sitting next to me on the plane and decided to use my arm as his snuggle blanket), magnolia blossoms, the wind sweeping across the sea under a slightly cloudy blue sky.

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