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Thursday, March 21, 2013

$*It Happens, now find the joy

Life wasn't foggy for me yesterday. Gave me a chance to think. I even woke clear headed this morning. To clarify my last post, I have not been formally diagnosed with anything, and my symptoms come and go, not a daily occurrence. I exhausted my insurance before I even left the hospital, yet I have a friendly doc that doesn't charge me for a phone chat. I do for the most part fit the PTSD diagnosis, with a few exceptions. But this isn't what I wanted to write about today.

I wanted to remind myself of the joys. There are many times in our lives that we have the doldrums, usually midwinter and right before true spring sets in. And then there are times we have to deal with death, and/ or illnesses, sometimes injuries, and not just with the human population on a homestead. Remember two years ago when I felt everything I touched would die? I had to remind myself of the joys of homesteading.

Not being a romantic writer, it is easy to be sucked into the horrors of this lifestyle. And I am not the only one. I see you, I wish I could hug you, and remind you of your joys. But I am not you, and your real happiness is hidden from me. It's difficult sometimes to find that joy, it gets buried in the mundane, the blood, the tears. But it is there just under the surface of everything we do.

One thing I adore about homesteaders is we are able to find the thrill in the mundane. Throwing bales or butchering an animal, doesn't only bring up the physical toll we take on our bodies, but reminds us why we are doing it. And if you are unable to find simple pleasures in your life, then maybe homesteading isn't for you. If you get sucked into the horrors and failures, you may never find that self reliant happiness you need to survive.

So I am going to show you my joys. Unfortunately I can not put them in an order that I like, nor post under them, as I am still posting via mobile. But I will tell you about the first photo. The split on the left with Grizzly and Morticia Adams is of Husband and I in 1997. (Red cheeked guy is Large) on the right is us last summer. I simply adore this photo, does it not only show that we are and will forever be dorky and not care, but it shows us. Usually I wouldn't post something like this until our anniversary.

Just remember your joys and things tend to get better.

oh and Sundance, and anyone else interested. We picked up vintage Big Dog tanks and have a 1979 shovel frame coming from a client. Looks like we can still use the gut of the bike, engine and tranny, but need new casings. We should be back up and riding late this summer~joy~

I also have some wonderful friends up in the Kansas City area, whose music and their love of it brings me great joy. If you get a chance (folk not death metal) click to watch Olassa.


HermitJim said...

Great pictures! Glad to see that you are still able to recall some of the good things and feel like sharing some with us!

Good wishes from the Hermit!

HotFlashHomestead said...

Those are awesome pictures, lots of happy people and critters!

tjs said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of your boys playing in the mud. reminds me of my boy when he gets in the garden with mom.

FancyHorse said...

Many joys in your life to balance the hardships. May you enjoy many more happy times! I can see the love you and husband share.

Coffeekittie said...

Still love the hat and goggles look - makes me laugh!


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