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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update on me leg

Still gimpy.

Oh sorry you wanted more.

I don't sleep very well. Muscles ache. I am able to bend my knee to 45 degrees. Makes me a bit unsettled in my belly, but I force myself to do the exercises. (Some reason I wrote exorcism the first time. Heck I may need that too)

I have two more months of no weight on my foot. At that time I may be allowed to put 35 lbs of pressure on it. Go ahead, I'll wait as you figure out what 45 degree knee bends and 35 lbs of weight are.



Not much huh? I am thrilled with it though. My physical therapist informs me that Dr. lied to me. She claims I will be walking unaided by Sept of 2013. PT man says, only if I am lucky. I have to completely retrain myself to walk after many many months of not doing so, and with new hardware that makes my ligaments avoid old areas. (Like my knee cap. My ligaments have to roll across the top of the knee cap and create new grooves to settle into. Super duper painful) The thought of how close I was to losing my leg keeps me stubborn. I will walk unaided by Sept 2013.

Blogger will not allow me to put pics in the order I want them nor will it allow me to type under them so I can tell you what is going on. . . Below are some better pictures of the damage. If you notice the foot pegs on both sides of the bike, they are pushed forward while everything else was pushed back. This was caused by Husband riding the bike through the lay down and into the curb. This is how much power 20 mph can push a man. His back still hurts.

Another is our handlebar, bent in half. Bars are made from stainless steel. After the bike hit the curb, it launched itself into the air, and slammed down in the intersection. The tanks have a lot of damage, they were torn on the inside.

And yet another picture of where the frame broke under the seat.

Officially the rear tire blew. Usually not a big deal, however when the rim made contact with the ground the threaded part of the rear swing arm snapped, causing us to have two wheels turning in two direction. This is when I was pulled off the bike. (Foot peg, ground, grab, yank, spin, bow, sit, howl)

And then there is the picture of my naked leg. No I haven't shaved in two months, deal with it. Half my knee (skin) is super sensitive. The other half and the flesh running down the right side of my calf can only feel pressure. Not wet, no heat, no cold, no needles. Once in a while it will feel like a spider ran across it, but that is the extent of feeling.

I learned to drive the truck with my left foot. It's a bit awkward, as you have to learn how much pressure to put on the pedals with a new foot. I suddenly felt like a young un just learning. But I seem to have it down, except left turns. Still a bit wide. Part of the problem is my right leg gets pushed into the floorboard, causing it to bone ache. I try to avoid that feeling.

The ramp is done, and I finally was able to have some leisure time outside. Today was the first time I got to see the bike. I cried. And then counted my blessings.

I look forward to walking again. I can't wait to get back on a bike, I miss it.


HermitJim said...

Sorry that you have to suffer the exercises, but I'm glad you didn't lose the leg!

The bike is a mess, that's for sure! Husband is very lucky that he didn't get hurt more than he did, and I'm sure that he would trade places with you if he could.

Just be strong, my friend. With the support you have, I know you will!

Phelan said...

I know he would change places. He still hurts and ER missed a crack in his foot. Trauma decided to not re break to set it correctly. Sigh. This will be the last post about the wreck itself. I will update on my progress though.

I think I have finally managed to mourn and work through the emotional trauma today. I took longer because of the meds.

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Been there and done except with my face and shoulder.Went over the my ex,the bike and the car hood.I survived!

Stephanie Appleton said...

Been thinking of you!

Mamma Bear said...

Phelan, the outside is healing very well. I am sure with your attitude, you will be walking as soon as possible.

Looking at all those pictures of the bike, things could have been much worse. God isn't finished with the two of you yet.

When the Marine got to go to Physical Therapy, he called it Physical Torture.

Phelan said...

Annnightflyer, so glad you survived!

Thank you Stephanie.

Mamma bear, I do hope so. Heehee, physical terrorist is heard often in there. I have dubbed mine Mr. S&M. He seems to wear the name with a too wide of a grin.

Kelly said...

It looks like you guys are lucky to be alive! Yes, you will walk unaided by Sept 2013! You have heart girl. I work in ICU and every summer we get at least 3 really bad bike accidents in. We had a couple from Wisconsin who laid down the bike rather than hit a kid on a bicycle. Kid is okay. Wife not so much. Some brain injury and she was wearing a helment. Lovely couple. Wish them the best. We had a fundraiser to help them get her back home for rehab. At least your noggin is intact. See, Im just a ray of sunshine. LOL. Much Love.

DFW said...

So glad that you two are on the road to healing. Looking at those pics of the bike makes me shudder to think what could have happened. You are right to count your blessings.

bbarna said...

Hi Phelan,
You can do this!! As for the feeling in your leg, nerves take about 9 months to regenerate. If they are going to the feeling will come back, if not they never will.I know this from my husband's bicylce injuries.
The body is an amazing thing.Take care and keep at it!
Barb in Canada

Phelan said...

Kelly, wow. How sad. I asked husband when my poker run was going to be, he just grained and shook his head.

DFW, thank you.

Barb, they think I will get I will get most of the sensation back. Spiders running along your skin turns out to be a good thing. However I mostly likely will end up with a "dead" spot. God to know on time. No one told me.

Misty Pines Homestead said...

Yeah me too and I didn't have to have surgery or nothing.But now I'm paying for it.I have to walk with a cane cause of my back and my sinus problems are hard.I got right back on a motorcycle after that,I decided it wasn't going to get to me.It took afew weeks for me to go look at the bike and I almost fainted.The guy that turned in front of us was drunk,he had just left a bar.They pulled his license right there.I got left with a few small scars but not like the one in my mind.I still get skiddish when I see a rider in traffic.I say a little prayer for them to get home safe.You know they say accidents happen just a mile or so from home? They're right 1 mile from home was all we were.

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