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Friday, October 26, 2012

Welcome and thank you!

While in a drug stupor, I seem to have found multiple new guests. I wanted to take a moment to say welcome!

I lost a few at the time of the wreck, so it is nice to see more and new names, faces, handles here. And thank you for sticking it out with me for now. If you really need homesteading ideas, help, or what not to do, I have six years worth of posts to find what you need. You can also email me from my profile page if you have questions. I answer what I can, or send you to a different homesteader that will know.

I also want to say thank you. Thank you for the cards, letters and emails. As well as your kind comments. It has helped greatly. I tried to reply, and I really hope that I didn't say something uncouth.

I think now is a time to reintroduce everyone to the players. As the line up has changed a bit.

I am Phelan. Nice to meet you.

Husband is played by my husband. He's name isn't as well known as it was a few years back, however he is still a respected motorcycle builder and mechanic. Oh and I tend to gush about him.

We have been together 16 years, married in full costume on Halloween. We have three boys together, Small, Medium and Large.

We have several cats and dogs. The dogs are Buckets, Sprocket and Axle. Only cat you need to know is May Maybe Maynard. The black cat.

We share our yard with a plethora of chickens, which I stopped counting how many when 17 chicks started coming out of the evergreens. And here I thought those hens had been eaten.

We also raise black belly Barbados sheep. A breed listed on the endangered barn yard species list.

I guess we have a thing for raising critically endangered barn animals, as we breed, milk and eat Long Legged Kerry cattle and American Milking Short Horns.

Kerry names (because I will type them without thinking if you might know I am talking about cows)
Urth (Urth's Umbra)
(We sold several calves and one dam)

The short horns are
Yart ( Yart is also a blogger that got a calf named after her. Play your cards right and you too could have a calf named after you.)

Our bees swarmed and moved their hive. It's somewhere within a mile however, as we still have to wear shoes outside as not to step on one and get stung.

I think I have rambled long enough. Again, thank you! And welcome to my little world.


Yart said...

I'm glad to see you back on here! Missed seeing you, Happy that you got new readers and Feel bad for the ones that left the awesomeness that is you! *SMILES*

Phelan said...

You already have a calf named after you Yart. No need to suck up to my awesomeness. Haha!

Missed you .

Sandy Livesay said...

LOL, I love your sense of humor!

Bob from Athens said...

Wow, if you consider what you type as "rambling" I sure would like to see what you consider some of the "blogs" I stumble across. Problem is those type of words would not be anywhere close to appropriate here.

Lamb said...

Glad to see you back, even if it is just a ramblin' through your blog!
How's the leg doing?

bbarna said...

Hi Phelan,
Thanks for the introduction :-)
We are city folks, who are homesteader wannabe's. I guess I came out of lurkdom because I could relate to your accident. 4 years ago my husband went over the handlebars of his bicycle and broke his neck. Fortuneatly he made close to a full recovery after about one year, but it caused some big changes in our life.
We have been married for 35 yrs, this month, so we have learned to roll with the punches. We have great adult kids and grandkids .
Wishing you all the best.

a.rogue (Alice) said...

Take care of yourself - I seem to have found your blog just before your accident! I will happily follow your recovery back to full-throttled no-holds-barred homesteading without physical limitations. All the best :)

Donna said...

I'm glad you are on on the road to recovery. It will be slow,but you will get there. Keeping you in my thoughts!

Phelan said...

Hi Sandy. And thank you.

Bob, how long have we known each other? Years bob. You know darn well I ramble. If I didn't you would have to read a novella every time I posted. Giggle. Oh and those other blogs you run across, they are called not Phelans. ;) nice to see you Bob.

Hi Lamb! Well the leg is still attached anyway.

Barb, welcome! So glad to here about your husban's recovery. How scary! And happy anniversary! Love October weddings. And thank you.

Alice, guess I gave you quite the welcome. I don't just pirouette off a motorcycle for just anyone. Thanks for sticking with me. Glad you're here.

Hi Donna. Thank you!

FancyHorse said...

I'm sorry to hear that people have left you! I can't understand that. I am here reading but I don't always comment.

So glad to see your sense of humor again, that's a sign you're getting better!

West Tx at Heart said...

So glad your back. Missed you and your awesome post imensely.

Cypress Landscaping said...

It is good news that you are better. Must be pretty amazing to have all those animals around you everyday.

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