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Thursday, July 12, 2012

A winner and another second chance giveaway

The winner of the hiker pro water filter is Gelfing!!! You have one hour. . . No, get me your shipping address before a full week has passed and we will get it off to you.

Wonderful dear Lynda, who I thrilled with staying up for almost 24 hours straight with me, has decided that someone else should get a chance at what she won.

Now this isn't the usual homesteading or Prepper related prize.

It the year subscription and goody bag retailing over $50 from Roadrunner travel magazine.

I know a lot of you have a motorcycle enthusiast or wanna someday travel on a cruiser friend, here's your chance at giving them a pretty cool gift. I personally like the magazine.

Leave me a comment about the person you want to gift this to, even if it about you and you're a red head, and the winner will be drawn on the 18th of July. Good luck.

Flint hills, ks


kymber said...

i want my buddy Warlock Sundance to win this prize...thanks hon!

your friend,

Anonymous said...

I would love to win this and give it to my husband.
Chrissy L.

small farm girl said...

My father-in-law wouls love that!!!!!! He and his wife go with a bunch of friends all over the place. They constantly are looking for a new place to ride.

Anonymous said...

I'd gift this to myself and my hubby! We both ride sportbikes and are always looking for new riding roads and places to check out!

Anonymous said...

love it~ Hubs and I just finished a bike trip of the Blue Ridge mountains, and riding the tail of the dragon, would have come in handy~! If you wanna see some great pics let me know.
love the blog by the way!

Phelan said...


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