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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roadrunner magazine winner!

The winner of the goody bag and year subscription to Roadrunner Travel Magazine is. . .

Small Farm Girl's Father in Law!

Email me with the shipping address and will get that it to you.

In other news, I made an awesome wedding cake.


Anonymous said...

Are you postng pics of the cake?

Phelan said...

As soon as I get my camera back. The bride got her's stolen, so I let her use mine for her honeymoon. Then I will tell you all about the rockin cake.

Unknown said...

This is great article. You are rock.

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small farm girl said...

I just realized that I won! Woooo Hoooo! I tried to get an email out to you but for some reason it wouldn't work. My email is Give me a try and see if you can get me. lol

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