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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trivia Question #4

How many teeth are on a secondary drive belt for an 83 Fxsb?


Yep, I thought I would change it up a bit.

These trivia question are brought to you by me. Giving you a chance to win a Kadayan hiker pro water filter, donated by Ready Nutrition. Don't let the name fool you. Their website is a great place to stop and get info for homesteading and prepping. Oh and they link to me and my articles often. So you know they rock!


TransFarmer said...

Good luck on your blogathon tonight Phelan. Things have been crazy this way. Heat wave, taking care of Dad, sister who was taking care of Dad had emergency appendectomy, and we moved in horrendous hit today. Needless to say, I'm having some water and going to bed. I'm beat. Have a fun night.

Ask your readers if they've ever heard the phrase, "he went to take a sh*t and the hogs ate him." My mom used to say it all the time when we would pester her about where someone was. I've only met one other person familiar with the phrase. LOL. Good luck and good night.

TransFarmer said...

heat, not hit, too tired

Phelan said...

Good night trans! Thank you for stopping by, I have been thinking about you. Been rather hot here as well.

I will have to ask that one for sure.

Lynda said...

Well...I don't think they have teeth...clutch would have the teeth. Do you and your hubby have an 83 FXSB? My father rode Indians and Nortons...I have an 883 Sporty Custom (don't laugh), a Ural with a sidecar and my favorite bike of all times a 250 Honda Rebel(seriously don't laugh..I mean it)...I call her Ruby...cutest little thing you ever saw. You would love the Ural...has a machine gun mount on the sidecar!

Phelan said...

Yes, husband rides an 83 shovel head. Kick start and all. I have a 1949 HD panhead servicar. She's a basket case right now though.

Did you like the sporty tank on our tractor? Haha

Ok, machine gun mount on sidecar too cool.

Lynda said...

I don't ride much any more. My husband hates bikes. I had an accident 4 years ago and got a bit busted the bikes are out in the big barn. I got the Ural after the accident thinking he would think it was safer...he wasn't impressed with the camo paint job and the gun mount really pissed him off! I take it out in the fields when it muddy...they're two wheel drive and a hoot to drive. But I'm getting up there in years and recently a great grandma (58 yo) my riding days are most likely over.

I'm also going to change my guess to 72 teeth and don't ask why...just figured I needed a number!

Hidden Haven Homestead said...

You were doing so good on trivia questions...what happened???? Since I know next to nothing about bikes or secondary drive belts going to pull this answer out of thin air.... 70. Dang I hate mechanical questions

Phelan said...

I don't know Peggy!

kymber said...

4700ft above sea level.

best i can do buddy. i yis tired!

your friend,

Unknown said...


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