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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Simplifying the Simple Life isn't that Simple

And Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.

When more than one person is attempting to streamline a household you run into a lot of

"We don't need this"
"Um. . . Yes we do."
"But we haven't used it in over a year."
"Doesnt matter, I might have a use for it someday"

Sigh. We will need a nice large shed for those things that we may need someday. Like sheep shears. I never ever plan to ever ever hand shear another goat or sheep for as long as I live. I discovered that I don't care for doing such things. But. . . However. . . Just in case. . . So we have to keep it.

And here, dear readers, is where our upbringings and youthful living situations come into play. Yes, I was homeless as a teen, but as a child I was never left to want. Husband however grew up in various stages of homelessness, and never had much. I think he may have a bit of Great Deppression area hoarding tendencies. He has more clothing than I do, yet doesn't wear most of them. Hence the head butting over certain items.

What I have been doing is separating items. Farm, house, garage. He can then go through those and decide what he wants to keep. And then he gets to build outbuildings to store said items in. I no longer want them cluttering my life.

We have come to another decision though. We will wait on a house. So you will be all treated to a complete makeover of a single wide mobile home, white trash with a purpose style. This should be fun! The plan is, to use the money that we were setting aside to build a large garage. Then. . . Well the plan of what we will be doing inside of that garage will be told to you at a latter date. Let's just say, it makes us happy and should make life a bit more easy. No, that is not part of my lofty goal, stop trying to suss it it of me!

FYI, I licked the hot fence to prove to Small that it wasn't on. But then I touched it and got shocked. Yep, that's how hot my licking is, turns a hot fence on. Yep, I'm so proud of that moment.

I have started on my rag rug. Wow! How tedious is that? And you guys have me making three of them.

Someone tried to poison the puppy. She's ok now. But it was getting scary. I have a feeling they wanted to poison Buckets, our Staffy, becuase everyone is scared of her and they can't come on our property. Yes, I believe it was intentional. They can no longer get out of the yard, so someone would have to dump it over the fence.

On the Blogathon front. You have so far pledged $505! Thank you! It starts in 9 days, so there is still plenty of time to pledge. Yes, I am losing readers because of my charity blogathon. I do every year. But this is the only time of year that I am a good girl, so I will continue to do this. You still have time to pledge. Remember for every $10 you get a chance to win two sets of books from Fox Chapel publishing!


FancyHorse said...

I'm so sorry your puppy was poisoned, and that it was deliberate meanness.

Good luck with the downsizing; hubby and I have tried to go through that before. "Junk" is "treasure" on both parts, depending on whose it is!

Lanie said...

I greatly dislike trying to thin our stuff out. Especially since we sell at flea markets over the weekends. Our garage usually looks like a hoarder's paradise with all the "stuff" in it for the market!

Sorry to hear about you doggy! I have one that isn't popular with our neighbors because he barks. That's just mean though. Makes me wonder what kind of person does that?

Noelle said...

I feel like I loos Facebook friends, or at least the attention of half of them, every year in July because of Blogathon. I might loos readers too, but I haven't noticed that.

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