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Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm worse than PBS!

Hello folks, normally we here a AHN don't interrupt your programming. But it is a pledge drive. Only way to get us off of here so you can go back to watching Benny Hill is to give us what we want!

We are in the 11 1/2 hour mark of blogging. Huzzah! And I think it is about time to remind everyone of what on earth I am doing here.

pledge drive for pets2vets

from Companions for Heroes website;

There are 18 veterans in the United States that commit suicide everyday and one (1) shelter animal is put down every eight seconds — C4H’s work helps facilitate the healing and support for the 10-12 million men and women that suffer with some form of psychological condition and homes for the 4-5 million shelter animals that are euthanized every year so that both may live in dignity together. C4H provides our nation’s heroes that do not have a companion animal, a choice in selecting a dog or cat, while providing cost-effective Animal Assisted Activities (animal companionship) as they pursue rehabilitative and therapeutic care from their health care providers.

I am only taking pledges. I never see your money.

For every $10 you pledge, you get one entry to win 2 sets of books from Fox Chapel Publishing

If you wish to pledge, please do so here>>>

school fundraising ideas


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