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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I really don't need more rags

We have way too many articles of clothing. I am not sure where it all comes from, but it is here.

Some of the clothes can be donated, not so for the majority of the rest. And honestly, I don't need more rags.

Even though my sewing is sub par, I am willing to give it a try.

Here's what I need from you. In comments please post a link to your post on repurposing old clothes. In order I receive them, I will attempt to replicate your vision. Then will post the results.

You game?


Lynda said...

The coolest thing my grandma did with super worn out clothing was make colorful rag rugs...and I just loved them. She would first take off the buttons and/or zippers and save them. Next she would get her seam ripper out and de-seam (not a real word I'm sure) and then cut the resulting fabric in strips...those strips were hand sewn together and then braided into endlessly long ropes, bags and bags of them...then when she felt she had enough she would sew them into braided rugs...wonderful! Sometimes she would make tubes of the fabric and thread thick cotton cord in the tubes and then put the rug together. Someday I hope to make one of those old timey rag rugs.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm game here is my link to repurposing old clothes.

Takes little to none sewing talent.

Carolyn said...

I'm boring, so the only things I could think of were to make rag rugs or quilts. If they are beyond using for even that, I have considered using cotton shirts for a sort'a weed barrier around the bases of our fruit trees. Eventually the weeds will grow through (like everything else) but it may stop them for a while and the cotton will decompose. Could you somehow shred the up and use them for filling dog / cat pillows?
Now you got me thinking as my rag bags are beyond full also.

Beth of Red Barn Farm said...

posted this early not sure why it didnt show up.

Here is my link for repurposing old clothes. Very simple sewing.

Janet said...

Well, you can make bags out of old jeans by cutting off the legs and turning the body inside out and sewiong up the bottom. You can sew the fly shut and add another zipper or velcro to the waist as a closure. You could also add a drawstring through the belt loops.

A friend of mine weaves strips of jeans into amazingly beautiful and soft rugs.

Old can turn the arms into leg warmers, the body could be cut up to make a nice hot water bottle cover. If it is wool or cotton you could try and unravel it and use the wool for knitting or weaving...or give to a friend who does that. LOL

I hope something here sparks your creativity. :-)


ChicagoMike said...

My dad swears by strips of old t shirts to tie up veggies, tomatoes in particular.

Anonymous said...

I've cut T-shirts spiraling up the main body until the armholes to get lengths of about 1" wide cotton material I then crocheted into a sunhat.

I cut the soles and heels off some knee socks, hemmed the edges, and made a hole for a finger to turn them into arm-wear even covering the back of my hands (I'm a bit paranoid about sun exposure). It took a while because I did it by hand (I'm slow and not that good); with a machine I bet this would take very little time.

(Another thing I have not yet done but is on my list... sometime :-):
If you have wool sweaters, you could felt them, then sew slippers with the felt.)

kath said...

My suggestions were pretty much taken already, but what about a tee shirt quilt? Cut the shirt into squares and sew them together. This way you all can see the designs that were on the shirts. I made a double sided one for my niece when she went to college and she loved it.
I also saw something online where you can make round rag rugs(say that 3 times fast! LOL) using old tee shirts and a hula hoop. Here's the link:

kath said...

I just thought of another one! I've also seen people make shopping bags out of shirts. They cut the neck and arms off of 2 shirts, put 1 inside the other sew the bottoms, arms and necks together and voila, a sturdy shopping bag that you can keep in the car or carry with you!
See, now you have me looking around my house for tee shirts to do stuff with! LOL

Phelan said...

How many rag rugs wre you guys going to make me create!?! Haha!

Good idea guys. Keep me coming.


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