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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Embarrassing quirk number four

When I was ten years old, I use to write bad zombie poetry.

Hey you're in luck! I have been putting all my writings onto digital media. Enjoy (yes, I really wrote this when I was 10. I date everything, and I keep it no matter how silly it ends up being.)

Sexton's blade

sexton's blade scars the frostbitten ground
decaying roses litter the soil
while a fresh white orchid clings willfully to my sparse hair
I left my new home days ago in disbelief of what I heard
no angels wept, nor demons sighed of the news of my moving
I took to roaming the streets in search of my memories
women screamed, children cried and men chased me away
now I have come back to my grave
so no one will see the waking death
that was given to me.

Now I write awesomely bad zombie poetry. Some things you just can't outgrow.


kymber said...

ok. forgive me as a friend would. but was this necessary????

i really do love you. bahahahahah! your friend,

Phelan said...

Hey, you people said this would be fun.

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