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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amanda wants to know. . . .

What is our favorite animal we have had on the homestead.

The cows. Urth is my favorite out of them all though. I can use her as a pillow and read when she is laying down.


That's Winnona. She seems to always be laughing at something.

What is our least favorite?

Goats. Hands down, goats. I know, sorry to all my friends and readers that have profile pics of their favoritest goats. But they are just not for me. I tried, I got ticked, I moved on. I like them as kids, enjoy them even. Then they become adults. . .

Zombie Buckets


Amanda said...

Thats too funny, I'm hopefully getting 2 goats in the next month. I'd like to try cows someday, not enough room at this house though :(
How many pups do you have right now? I love the pit, shes so cute! My black mutt looks a lot like her, actually.

Phelan said...

Goats are great, just too much trouble for us. Our cows need only 1 acre per cow, which makes it so much easier.

We have three dogs. The one pictured is Buckets. She's a Staffordshire. Sweet as can be. She takes on mom duties for all our little ones, except puppies. She doesn't care for puppies.

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