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Friday, May 25, 2012

Never play Limbo with an electric fence

So, this girl walks into an electric fence and. . . Oh I forgot the punch line.

I was out watering the garden this morning, and decided to check the cattle tank. As I filled it, I noticed that we have another lamb. This little guy should be the last for the season.



But as I walked out to get a few pictures for you lamb lovers, I decided to test the electric fencing, with the top of my head. With how the previous owners set things up, there is no choice but to go above one of the six hundred gates they have here. I usually only have to duck a bit, but I was so intent on the little guy, or maybe I was in the mood to lose at a game of limbo, that the hot fence tapped the top of my head.

Guess what,

It's working.

I bit my tongue so hard I drew blood. I went to my knees faster than my brain could call me stupid. I might have a bald spot now. My eyes swam for a bit. But I didn't cry out. So I stayed on my idiotic knees and cooed and that cute little bugger like I meant to go down on my knees that fast. Just in case the neighbors saw. It's not like I don't give them enough to talk about already. Of course horse neighbor wife reads this through my Facebook feed, so there will be endless jocularity there.

Ugh, my head. Oh and if you have any fillings, I highly suggest you don't play limbo with a hot fence. It keeps them buzzing for a bit.



Donna. W said...

Been there, done that.

Phelan said...

Is there a support group I should join now?

Siroflex Glue Screws said...

That's charged to experience. At least, you were not seriously injured. By the by, that little feller looks so adorable!

HermitJim said...

Bet that got your attention! OUCH!

carol anne said...

Glad you're alright. There'll be no mocking from me, I fell down the steps looking out the window at a firefly caught in a spiderweb.

TransFarmer said...

glad you're doing ok. I had the chance to test a live fence out with my butt for a good minute when I was a kid. I was behind the gate when we were moving cows. It needed to scratch itself while I hollered in pain every three seconds.

kymber said...

Phelan - where would we be if we didn't have you out testing stuff for us - bahahahahahah! but really - don't lick the fence in the winter! just don't go there, gurl!

that little lamb is gorgeous!

your friend,

Unknown said...

I'm gettin' skool on saterday. whooodda thunk!

I hope ya' haven't ended up with a headache that won't go away, afterwards. That's one of those things where you start battling with the thought that you're losing your mind, when you do it twice. So... watch out. LOL

Anonymous said...

I took a pee on an electric fence once. I don't recommend that either. Please be more careful, sweet girl.

the rat

Phelan said...

Sounds like we all started our own support group.

I went it drinking last night, so my head hurts for a different reason. But my tongue is still very swollen and very sore.

small farm girl said...

I know if you handle it right, an electric fence is a nice thing to have. But, I am one of those people that can NEVER handle an electric fence. I can walk by one and for some reason or another, I will be shocked. It could be something as simple as a weed that I stepped on going over and touching the fence. I hate electric fence. lol

Adventures in Self Reliance said...

I got tagged by one of those buggers in winter soking wet jeans and the wire got me across the thigh when my German shepard got loose and decide it was a good day to play tag with the neighbor's cows. I was really a good conductor as I grabbed a water sturated fence post. Not quite as bad as grabbing a live spark plug wire but it sure will get your attention!

Cheryl said...

You know I'm laughing with you, right?

Sarah @ Green Global Travel said...

Those electric fences aren't a joke--but thanks for the cute lamb pictures!

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