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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Extracts and canned oranges

Extracts are super simple and don't need more than a paragraph to explain. Mainly it is a side item I do with leftover or food waste.

Place peels, seeds or leaves (tear the leaves) in to jar. If you don't have enough to stuff the jar full, it can be added to over time.  Pour vodka, moonshine or rum over them. The stronger the alcohol the better. Tightly screw on the lid, then set out of your way and out of your mind for a week, vigorously shake. Do this for four weeks. Strain and place into a separate jar. Do not open near a flame.

canned oranges

Canning Oranges
You will need oranges, peeled and segmented
Water or orange juice or a light syrup of your making ( basically a sugar water mix, the more sugar the heavier the syrup). I prefer a lite sugar water to a syrup as it helps the oranges taste fresher.

Place your orange segments in your sterile jars, leaving an inch of head space, as they tend to float. Bring your liquid to a boil, then pour over the tops, leaving a half inch of space. Lids on tightly, and water bath.

Lower altitudes, 5 mins. Middle of the road 10 minutes. Higher altitudes, 15 mins.

This is usually finished before you are done candying the orange peels.


Mamma Bear said...

these oranges and candied orange peel are beautiful! I tried to make the candied peel last year. I can't remember if I boiled and drained several times or not. Maybe I didn't get enough pith out of them. They were horrible, even the goats wouldn't eat them!

Phelan said...

If they were bitter, than you didn't boil and drain enough times. Three will leave a tart tone, but not bitter. You don't need to remove the pith, just boil and drain. Naval oranges work the best.

Try one more time, and if you still don't like them, then they are just not your thing. Make sure you are using enough sugar as well. You want a nice thick simple syrup. And hold on to that syrup as we are going to do something with that as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I didn't think it would be so easy. My family will be THRILLED about oranges in the pantry.

Janet said...


Okay - I am officially laughing at myself in a mocking way! I have made vanilla extract that way with brandy in one of those large, green, fancy german beer bottles with the ceramic bail top. It just never occurred to me to do other things.

I have made candied peel before (as I said in my other comment) but it never occurred to me to can the oranges. I just ate as many as I could and pressed the rest on friends too slow to get away.

Rough skinned oranges seem to have the thickest least up here in Canada. They may just be the ones that travel best.

Thank you again!


Phelan said...

You are welcome Caroline.

Janet, you could always juice the oranges as well. I did 12, and wasn't up to the challenge of eating that many. And no worries, I mockingly laugh at myself several times a week.

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