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Monday, May 07, 2012

After all these years, patience is still not my virtue

It's been raining.

No, not complaining.

The rain has severally limited what I am able to do. I sink to my ankles in the garden, mud has a relentless grasp. So, garden work is not happening. Planting in mud is frowned upon, though I could, and have done it without problems before. But the mud right now is just too deep. Seeds could vanish into its depths. And possibly even slide into an area that I wouldn't be thrilled to have it rooted at. So I wait. I don't complain, after the drought of last year, but time is limited in a four season State.

I do have peas to pick.

I have been working with Yart ( the calf, not the blogger). Her Eeyore like attitude puts her in contending to be an educational cow. I will be pulling Yippie Skippy and the new bull calf, whom we have named Zaphod. Yippie seems to be the smallest of the group, her mother, Winnie, is no taller than my waist ( I am five foot nine). Yippie should be able to travel easily and small enough to be a conversation piece. Zaphod we want to attempt to yoke. However his mother, Mama, might be an issue. She is super protective. His diminutive size, even if he does grow to reach the full weight of a 1,000 lbs, makes him a good candidate for what we wish to do.

And Husband wants to build a catapult. Who's game?


Rivenfae said...

I hope you dry up enough to plant soon. Or at least soon enough for you to be able to plant normally.

Bob from Athens said...

Sometimes I complain about my deep sand here in East Texas, generally about 25 feet down to clay or coal, however we have had five inches overnight in the rain gauge and the next day no puddles anywhere. By the afternoon I am back out in the garden weeding or whatever. But when it normally takes a couple of inches of water a week to keep the garden happy, around here it takes a foot. If I don't water at least twice a week in the spring and every other day during the summer, my garden just gives up and dies.

Raymond Beckham said...

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Phelan said...

Me too Rivenfae.

Bob, sounds like a mixed blessing there. I would love to have a patch a sand for carrots though. Once husband builds the wallipini I informed him that it is something I want. Carrots don't do the greatest in our soil.

Raymond, thank you for the info. I personally don't have an over abundance of anything, becuase our food must keep us for a year, not just the season. But I have seen plenty of fruit rotting in strangers backyards. Good luck with your new venture. Looks promising.

Yart said...

To bad we don't live closer, Grim would be over helping your husband build the catapult.... He loves that type of stuff.

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