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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Random Yet Charitable Post

Medium and Small searching for eggs

Small found all his before Medium. Smugness ensued.

We now call him Lord of The Turkeys.

because they will follow him

where ever he may go.

Where's the beef?

It was so foggy yesterday, I had to walk out to the fields to see if my cattle were still in there.

My long time readers know that every year at the end of July I participate in the blogathon. As the organization seems to have run out of steam, I have been going all rogue. I have raised money for Farm Aid and the Down Bikers Association. This year I will give you the chance to tell me which charity deserves my undying 24 hour support. 

The only stipulation, is that they must be an IRS recognized charity organization.  

If someone posts your charity, go ahead and repost it, show me your love. 

After we have narrowed down the charity, I will solicit businesses to donate prizes again this year. Business owners, this is the only time of year that I accept ads. 6 months to a 1 year, depending on the prize you donate to the fundraiser. 


Warlock Sundance said...

downed bikers....

Phelan said...

If I do downed bikers again, you gonna be my cheerleader?

Sarah Jean said...

Wounded Warrior Project is near and dear to my heart :) our farm would like to donate some honey and/or soap as a prize if you are interested.


Phelan said...

Beautiful Sarah. Wounded warriors is a great charity. I will get in contact with you about prizes and ads for your farm in the near future. Thank you!

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