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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Homesteading and the Renfaire

Small's future career. by EMPhelan
Small's future career., a photo by EMPhelan on Flickr.

I know, what? Simply just about everything we do on a homestead happens at the faire.

I took all three boys, Small, Medium, and Large to the local Renfaire today. Needless to say, they had a blast. They commented on the soaps, and candles, even had me tell them the type of weave used to make a piece of chaimaille amour.

Small discovered his love of the war horse. After the jousting, he donated his hard earned dollar to help feed the horses. We talked about how these horses also would plow fields, and pull wagons, and were companions. Similar to what we do with our own horses, or what we did with our horse.

Medium made a new friend. An older gentleman that was a woodworker. Medium was fascinated by the process, told the man that we had any of the same hand tools. The two sat and talked for a long while. He taught Medium how to make a woven wooden stool. Even explained how the wooden sword that Medium purchase, scabbard as well, was made.

Large beelined it to the blacksmith, as he himself has been learning the trade. But then the sword fights began. Large has a mentor now, by the name of Baron. He will be able to show Large skills I do not possess, leather working, blacksmithing, and cudgel fighting.

Today the boys learned that the skills that we have taught them and other lost skills that they can pick up, are not mere work, but something they can enjoy and possible make some money at.


Phelan said...

And before someone try's to correct me and say, everything? I have three boys. There is lots of sword fighting around here. My longtime readers know that I eat and blow fire, and belly dance as well as make chainmaile. We are a freaky family, yes.

Liesl Garner said...

Oh - my word - I love this so much, I can't even put words to it! Wait until I show you the Jousting Gear made out of paper that my 7-year old made for my 4-year old this week! They want to joust something fierce, and I am holding them back until they have a little more sense! Love this!

Judy T said...

I Love Renfests!! And I don't view anything you do as freaky. My husband and teenage daughter go at each other with swords on a regular basis- they're even taking a class together. They were so excited last year when they graduated from the wooden swords and got real swords... with edges. Justine's comment was "swords don't need reloaded". But she is sad that she won't be able to take her sword with her to college in the fall. They frown on edged weapons in the dorms

Phelan said...

Liesl, would love to see it. Jousting isn't something my boys were into, so never had to limit it. But sword fighting, well they have been making sword, crugdels and maces for years.

Judy, lol. I am sure the dorms wouldn't be pleased! I love that they took classes. We only having fencing classes, but the SCA has people that train new fighters.

Husband suggested I rejoin the SCA last night. He said they need someone to teach them other chainmaile weaves besides the 4 in 1's they all use.

HermitJim said...

Sounds like a very good and educational outing for the whole family. Nice to know you found another event that the family can all enjoy together!

Fun times like these make for long lasting memories!

Phelan said...

My comment disappeared.

Not only another even Jim. But we took Husband today. I have pics of him playing the conk shell on stage. But after he spent the day with the boys, riding camels, watching the knights and seeing how the boys and the actors interacted, he has declared that we are joing the SCA as a family. The socialization should do us all good.

small farm girl said...

I love when kids get interested in stuff like that. There IS hope for our future yet! Lol

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