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Saturday, April 14, 2012

For those of you concerned. Updating as I can

I am in south central Kansas.

The tornados have been in north central Kansas. I have taken the precautions and am ready to get in the cellar ASAP.

The tornadoes that have been touching ground, have been cone shaped, rain wrapped and on the ground for a good amount of time. Still too early to tell exactly how much damage has occurred. I have lost count on how many tornadoes so far, many seem to be lifting into the clouds, then reemerging.

The dry line won't reach me until 6 am tomorrow morning. The storms should be here in a few hours, (it's now 312pm) and what I am hearing, the tornadoes that north central Kansas have been dealing with is nothing compared to what will happen once the sun starts to set, and the air starts to cool.

So no worries. We are ready for it. My friends in the ok pan handle, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska, stay safe!

Edited 9:11 pm

We have had over 20 tornadoes touch down. Right now we are watching a half mile wide tornado that has been on the ground for hours headed in my direction. Though it might miss me, it looks to be headed to Wichita. We will know in about 30 mins. It's going to be a long night. There are 4 tornadoes on the ground in Kansas right now. And just now another has formed in the same storm with the huge wedge tornado headed toward Wichita.

Edited 940 pm

It's still on the ground, three quarters of a mile wide and headed toward Wichita. We are north east of there. Boys have their shoes on. It's rain wrapped.

Edited 952 pm

The tornado is half mile wide, still on the ground, and headed for downtown Wichita. Looks like it will be just south of me. I might be losing power soon.

Edited 1020 pm. It has slowed down and has hit Haysville Kansas. It is moving almost straight north. I might have to run.

Edited 1029 pm

Half mile wide tornado is now in Wichita, following the turnpike (I35) headed straight downtown. Damage has been reported in Haysville. It is going to barely miss me to the east. I so hope all my friends in Wichita are going to be ok. Scratch that, it will miss downtown Wichita, it swung hard right, now to Andover. This one will miss me. But we are under watches until 6 am.


Still on the ground, and headed toward my mother. I have no idea if she even knows, she is so off the grid in a whole. New storms blowing up in the ok panhandle. I am taking a nap before it gets here in a couple of hours.

Edited 202am

Woke to alarms going off. Straight line winds, hail, flooding, severe thunderstorm warnings. Tornado watch still on, but nothing here. Damage reports have been coming in, and my county has been declared in a state of disaster. We won't know how bad until daylight. I am surprised I still have power. Earlier this evening, before the tornado moved through Wichita, all the out lights in our area went out, yet power in the houses were fine. Since this is just a regular sever Kansas storm, I am headed back to bed. Hopefully we're are done for the night, but the weatherman keeps telling me that's very unlikely.

Sunday morning

We had 97 tornadoes touch down last night. Amazingly, even though it went through several heavily populated towns/cities, no one died. There were some injuries and homes destroyed, including a trailer park in south Wichita. Horse neighbor's wife and I were texting for a bit. It looked as though the one that went through Wichita, was going to go through downtown and head for us. We both have been through some pretty nasty outbreaks here in Kansas before. But the tornado took a hard right, and missed the downtown area and headed towards my mother. It seems to have dissipated over a lake before heading that way.

We had some straight line winds, hail, and some fierce cloud to ground lightening, at the second go. Looks like we are now in the all clear for the rest of the week, though there is a pleasant severe storm moving through the area, no more tornadoes.


The Moss Boss said...

We too have prepared the space under the stairs with all the necessities. Hope everyone stays safe and sound tonight. Love from Nebraska!

HermitJim said...

I hope it misses you all together!

Gotta be ever vigilant in this kind of weather!

Anonymous said...

tie a rope around them boys and tie' em to their momma. Hunker down till the all clear is called. damn twisters will ruin your whole day.

love you guys, take care.

the rat

Prairie Cat said...

Stay safe! It is always good to have a plan in action, especially when night tornadoes are involved.

Speaking of, I need to clear a spot out in the basement for when the storms reach Missouri. Thanks for the reminder!

Phelan said...

Thanks guys. The storms are just now starting to reach my area. Will check in later.

You all keep safe as well.

Felinae said...

Stay safe, Phelan, prayers for you and yours.


FancyHorse said...

Thanks for the update. I hope y'all are still all right, and will be!

Lamb said...

Stay safe and batten down the hatches there, Phelan!

Liesl Garner said...

Oh my word, how scary! You and your family and all your lovely animals be safe!!

carol anne said...

It's 5:02am on the East Coast & I'm on day 2 of my newest bout of insomnia. I'm glad you and your family are so far okay. I hope all of the storms pass you by.

small farm girl said...

Goodness! Your makin me nervous!!!!!

johnnyb said...

Hope you are safe. We didn't get anything except wind in the NW part of the state. Bad stuff been all around this week.

GreyWolf said...

I hope all is well with you and your family. Stay Safe

Maxine said...

Sounds like you made it through the night with everyone in one piece. Hope the morning tour finds minimal damage to the homestead. I've never been through a tornado but have done the earthquake and hurricane dances and don't wish the frayed nerves that come with this type of thing on anyone.

TransFarmer said...

glad everyone is safe. we are going to be getting some nasty stuff in the next few hours. got our bob ready to go and keeping an eye on the weather radar

West Tx at Heart said...

really glad to hear you made it. Couldnt wait to get into work tonight and check up on you.

Donna said...

Very happy to hear that you and your family are safe!

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